Preparing for Career Post Retirement

personsunsetQuestion: I started out my career as a public servant working for the US Government; after about 12 years I entered the commercial world as a Technical Recruiter and have been doing that for 30 years. I plan to retire in the next 4-6 years and I plan to continue working after I retire. My question is, what should I be doing NOW to prepare for my third career after retirement. – Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for your question. This is an excellent time to prepare for a new, exciting career. Careers in post retirement can be very rewarding and contribute to making this phase of your life an exciting journey.

The most important question of course is your vision you hold for yourself post retirement.  If you don’t know, start connecting with what excites you. Let the energy of what excites you be your guide. If you have something specific in mind already, how does it connect with your overall vision?

I recommend you start by making a list of the skills and strengths you’ve developed throughout your career. Get a colleague’s perspective and ask them how they see your strengths. Your chart suggests a very strong tendency towards being able to influence others, with your 12th house Pluto so close to your Leo Ascendant. Pluto in the chart is about power and influence as well as what needs to transform. A post retirement career is a wonderful opportunity for you to transform your identity and create a whole new means of self expression.  Start now by changing things about your appearance and the way you interact with the world. Find out what resonates and what doesn’t. The external changes you implement can activate internal transformation and help move you forward. There’s a great deal of magnetism with Pluto on your Ascendant so please take advantage of it.

Another thing that jumps out about your chart is your natural ability to be very service oriented. Certainly in your career as a technical recruiter service to others has been a driving force. You may want to explore different ways you can be of service to others.

You have another very interesting dynamic in your chart. Neptune conjuncts Saturn and both oppose a conjunction of Mars and Venus. Although this certainly can present challenges, the underlying strength is your creative imagination. Anything creative, imaginative or visual you choose to do should come fairly easily and only get stronger as you continue to work with it. This alone could indicate an entirely new path where you’re doing something creative. What creative talents or beautification projects do you enjoy now? What do you like to create? Any hobbies you can expand upon? A few ideas might be gardening, photography, painting, writing or even working as a stager.   A stager would be an ideal way to not only influence others but influence through your own creative vision.   If nothing else, finding a means of expressing your creative energy would be a very nice, peaceful outlet for you.

With both your Sun and Moon in Pisces, you’re a double Pisces. Both are in the 7th and 8th houses which shows the need to be working with others. Other people are important. It’s an excellent placement for working with clients. You genuinely care about improving the lives and well-being of others. With all this Pisces energy, you have the ability to connect with people in a right brain, intuitive manner. You can sense what others’ need and be of service to them. Take this energy out into the world. The world needs people like you!

I want to conclude with a very powerful and lucky placement you have. Jupiter is your most elevated planet sitting only a few degrees from your MC – your profession.   This is professional luck, fun and the need to expand through one’s own experiences. Have you thought about a career in travel?

I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey!

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Tom Chaplin