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Question: I am recently retired.  I would like to start a new career and would love some direction.

Answer: Hi Angela.  Congratulations on your retirement.  The first step is to be very clear about your vision for yourself in retirement.  What does thFootsteps_morgueis look like?  How has it changed from your previous career?  What type of work – life balance are you seeking?  What are your professional, personal and monetary goals?  Many retirees are looking for a scaled back version to allow more leisure time.

Once your vision is clear, you may begin to explore various careers that fit the bill, keeping in mind of course there are certain roles that will resonate while others do not.  There are several key stand outs in your chart that may help with your search.   Uranus is powerfully placed on your Ascendant, suggesting you approach life in a very unique way.  This is such an important planet for you that I want to focus on it a minute.  It suggests the tendency towards a progressive, all inclusive approach to life.  Variety is very important to you as well. Anything that becomes routine has long outlived its purpose as far as you’re concerned.  You value growth and mental stimulation which are two critical ingredients to anything you do.  Uranus also rules the metaphysical including astrology so connecting with that energy would more than likely resonate very well with you.

Another key point to mention is your Leo stellium.  A stellium is three or more planets falling in the same sign, in your case Leo.  This shows a highly creative energy which I would imagine is one of your core values.  In fact you have such a powerful inner creative drive that others could be healed or transformed in some way by your creative expression.

The ability to heal also shows up with Chiron on your 7th house cusp.  You could teach as long as it somehow improved the wellbeing of others.  However, there’s a responsibility to others and tapping into the healing side of Chiron feels very right to me.  The shape of your chart is known as a bundle bucket.  Chiron is the handle of your bucket which means there’s a tremendous amount of energy radiating from the rest of your chart and being funneled through Chiron.  That’s a significant indicator for healing others!

One last item to mention is your Saturn – Neptune conjunction.   Like any conjunction, the planets are looking for a comfortable way to join forces.  This conjunction shows you have the ability to make the imaginary real and turn dreams into something tangible.  You could also look at this as applying spirituality in very real, meaningful ways to everyday life, perhaps showing or teaching others what you already know to be true.

Okay Angela. Hope you are loving your retirement so far. Thanks very much for visiting Your Cosmic Career Coach.


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