Where to turn?

whereturnQuestion: I’m leaving a job that is no longer fulfilling. It has kept me from spending time with my family without providing appropriate monetary benefits or personal satisfaction. While I can take a little time off for now to reconnect with my family, I will need to find something else eventually. I’m not sure where to turn. I’m not even sure I want to stay in the same field. At this point, I just want to land on my feet, have a normal life, and provide for my family. – Kathy

Answer: Thanks for writing Kathy.  It sounds like your decision to leave is choice for more – more time, more money, more satisfaction.   I’m glad to hear you can take some time off!  It can be hard to identify industries and roles when you are so early in your transition.  As you explore, consider evaluating your opportunities based on what attributes are important – even consider which are deal-breakers.

When weighing your options, consider:

A role where you are:

  • Able to create tangible results
  • Expected to take charge, be a leader
  • Showcasing your resourcefulness
  • Focused on setting and accomplishing goals
  • In service

An organization that:

  • Aligns with your beliefs
  • Rewards your persistence
  • Appreciates your attention to detail
  • Allows for your unconventional and egalitarian approach
  • Provides variety
  • Is stable

As there may be some tension between meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of others, be sure to pause and ask yourself if balance can be achieved in that role or organization.

Useful resources: The Astrology of Success (Taurus midheaven), and Astrology for the Soul (North Node Virgo, 1st House), both by Jan Spiller.

Best to you as you start this new chapter of your work life!


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