Where Do I Go From Here?

directionQuestion:  Career redirection: I have a CPA. After being the in field of Accounting post college, I decided it is not for me. Too much stress and I just crunch numbers in a cube all day.  I quit my job in May, 2015, the tension was too difficult to deal with and my blood pressure was through the roof.  Where do I go from here?  For the summer, I am helping a friend doing electrical work as a helper.  Huge pay decrease but at least I am not so confined.  Note 6th house emphasis.  -Andrew

Answer: Hi Andrew, thanks so much for writing.  Sounds like you are taking a much needed break, tending to your well being.  Yes, you have *a lot* going on in your 6th house (for those reading who might not know what this means, imagine the universe shining a flashlight on one specific part of the chart, in this case the house of day-to-day work.)  Given its contents, I imagine that daily work is important to you, and poses some challenges.  I also imagine this is not the last change of jobs for you!

You have a clear desire for freedom, and astrologically I can see that being a driver in your decision making.   As you consider what route to take next, take these inquiries into account:

  • Where would you like to go deeper?
  • What topics inspire you to look at the big picture?
  • Will this next career allow you to simplify your life?
  • What organization / industry could benefit from your objective outlook?
  • What does service to others and humanity mean to you?
  • Are you interested in using your powers of persuasion?

Communication features prominently in your chart – I wonder if it comes along with a hesitation in expressing your personal ideas and thoughts.  It would be worth investigating your natural gifts about guiding others.  You are here to break the mold, and can inspire others to do so as well!

I hope this is helpful to you.  Best to you as you take the space of the summer to research and explore.


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Which option is the better choice?

questionQuestion:  Am I supposed to be partnering up with other consultants or truly doing my own thing? – Greg

Answer: Hi Greg! After looking at your chart I’m really curious about your current work arrangement and which one of the above options you’re most drawn to.  Your chart absolutely screams ‘do your own thing’ with a focus on the needs of others.  So right off the bat, there’s a bit of a contradiction.  How can you truly do your own thing when your own thing becomes about the other?  First of all you have an Aries stellium in your 6th house that consists of the personal planets Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars.  So a great deal of who you are is aligned with the type of work you do.  With a chart such as yours, you get your energy through your work, so it’s critical that your work is meaningful and rewarding, otherwise risk burnout in a big way.  In this case, meaningful work is closely aligned with being of service.  So the nature of what you do, ultimately needs to be service oriented or somehow improve the lives of others, or make what they do easier.  Also important is the fact that your Sun rules your 10th house of Career suggesting you want your hard work to get attention and be noticed by the public.

Venus rules your Libra Ascendant which suggests a friendly, likeable, diplomatic approach which immediately gives people a sense of comfort and ease in your presence.   Libra loves working with people, righting any wrongs, fixing any problems, etc.  When a client is having a bad day, you have the knack of saying the right thing, taking the right steps to turn the situation around.  You understand people and how to relate to relate to them.

Jupiter the planet of growth is in Capricorn in the 3rd house, ruling the 3rd and 5th.  Capricorn is associated with your career and with Jupiter in this sign, freedom to learn and expand your career becomes a major value of yours.  The 3rd house is connected with communication and the 5th is an indicator of how you want to creatively express yourself.   No matter what you do professionally, it’s important to include an element of writing, teaching, leading, speaking, consulting or publishing.

Your Moon is in Virgo in the 11th house which is yet another indicator that working with people in general is ideal.  Your Virgo Moon is a very responsible, grounding force in your chart.  While all your Aries planets are jumping at the thought of a new adventure, your Moon is more likely to evaluate and analyze the situation and proceed with caution.   This is also a great placement for problem solving and shows you like practical problems with real solutions.  The driving force to take immediate versus the need to carefully analyze what you might be getting yourself into is likely a pattern that has repeated itself.

There’s no doubt you’re a hard, responsible worker who enjoys providing a service that benefits others.  In fact your path suggests a selfless, altruistic type of giving to others.  Partnerships can be fine as long as you’re able to maintain your own sense of independence.   Whichever way you choose to go, keep in mind that it’s important to allow yourself the freedom to take inspired action on behalf of your clients, once your Moon gives her permission of course.  Therefore, should you decide to make a change you need to keep your Moon happy. This can easily be done by creating a well documented, well thought out and researched business plan of what your approach will look like.

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