Chiron Return and Next Steps

sports-768430_1920Dear Cosmic Career Coach:  Thank you so much for the episode on Redesigning your Career in your 50’s. I held on to every word. I’ve always been an optimistic person, but this Chiron Return has turned my world upside down. In addition, transiting Saturn is conjunct my midheaven. One month ago, I was unexpectedly laid off from my job. Admittedly, it was unfulfilling work, but it paid the bills and gave me–a single person with no other income–stability. I feel this layoff and Chiron Rx time is a “call to authenticity”, yet I’m terrified I’m going to end up as a bag lady. My secret dream is to be a full time astrologer and tarot reading, and perhaps working in hospice or with the dying on the side (in a creative endeavor). But I’m stuck… a lot of this has to do with trying to keep tranquil while wondering how I’m going to pay the bills. And another part feels like this is the perfect kick in the pants to GET REAL. Can you help?  — J.B.

Hi JB,

Thanks very much for your question and our apologies for the delay in responding. We just finished presenting our webinar about how to include coaching in your astrological practice. If anyone is interested, recordings are available at
Yes, transiting Chiron is right on your natal Chiron so you’re in the midst of your return. That’s such an important phase in life that shows your values are shifting. Many people begin a search for more meaning in their careers.
Transiting Jupiter just entered Scorpio today after 13 months in Libra. It’s transiting your natal Mars. This is an excellent time for you to put energy into getting clear about what’s important to you, i.e., your values, talents, likes, dislikes. If you decide you want to get a job to keep money coming in until you get things figured out, now is a great time.
You obviously have a number of professions that appeal to you which is a great place to be. It sounds like your main challenge is whether or not to make the commitment to move forward doing what you want. Your fears are common so it’s important to ask yourself how real are they? Are they just fears or is there something else that needs to be considered?
What is it about astrology or tarot that appeals to you? How do you want to be of service to others and how does being an astrologer fit in with that? What are the similarities between astrology, tarot and hospice that you like? Find the common thread and it will help you move forward. There must be a number of very important core values that could be honored in those professions. Ideally you want to bring your own unique talents into whatever you decide to do in order to feel the most fulfilled.
Okay that brings us to your chart which is quite interesting with your Pisces stellium opposing PL cnj UR. Your chart not only shows a grand water trine but a kite pattern which is not all that common. A kite is called a kite because that’s exactly what it looks like. It occurs when a grand trine has a 4th planet that opposes 1 of the planets in the grand trine. The opposition gives the grand trine some energy and brings it to life. Grand water trines alone are generally quiet, receptive, intuitive, sensitive and indicate a tremendous amount of talent. The beauty of having a kite pattern is that the opposition causes friction which can feel like a tug of war sometimes. The opposing forces challenge you to show your talents to the world. Many times people with grand trines don’t capitalize on their talents because there’s not enough energy to force it. But the kite activates opportunities for creative expression in the world.
Many of your natal planets are pulled into this kite pattern. There are many ways you can express this energy. It’s visionary, intuitive and imaginative. It’s also healing, nurturing and compassionate.
Your natal Chiron is part of this pattern so with transiting Chiron returning to its natal position, it’s no wonder you’re searching for more meaning. Many of the qualities that are resident in this pattern are being triggered by transiting Chiron. Here are a few questions to consider:

• What are your natural talents?
• What is holding you back from showing them to the world?
• How do you want to show them to the world?
• What is the connection to astrology, tarot and hospice?
• If you had everything you needed, what would you do professionally? How can you do it anyway?

I hope this helps you with your decision making about next steps for your career.

Your Cosmic Career Coach,

Tom Chaplin



A career that satisfies both freedom AND security

jerry-kiesewetter-191819Question:  I have Chiron in Gemini in the 10th house (shout out to Aubrie and all the Gemini 10th housers!). I’ve tried many jobs in my career since graduating from college with a degree in journalism, (most of them centered on marketing for nonprofits) and teaching. I currently work remotely in a job that doesn’t pay much as a stop gap until I figure out my next move.

After all these years, I’ve built very little in terms of material assets, material security or career reputation.

I’d like to pursue an entrepreneurial path because I seek both freedom, creativity, making a real difference in people’s life AND material security. Lately, I’ve considered becoming a fashion stylist and blogger, an astrologer and a real estate agent. With all my divergent interests, I’m afraid of putting myself out there and slapping a label on myself not because I’m shy but because: 1) I know how easy it is for me to change my mind and feel trapped in a job or title 2) I’m afraid others (family, friends, potential clients) will see me as a dilettante and if I ever have to find a “real job,” potential employers will be turned off by my scatteredness.

I have an opportunity to pursue a career as a real estate agent since my significant other has embarked on that journey. I have been prompted by friends, family and my partner to try it. However, I’m not very creatively inspired by the prospect.

I know I have great potential (people have told me I have great leadership skills) and my chart supports a great many careers including the ones I mentioned above and more.

How do I find/create a career that satisfies my need for freedom AND security? What potentials am I not seeing in my chart?

tamara-menzi-93235Answer: Many thanks for writing Anne!  There’s so much about your situation that strikes me and can be connected astrologically.  I follow you on the leadership traits (Moon in Capricorn being just one), teaching and journalism (Chiron in Gemini in the 10th, 9th and 3rd house planets) and service orientation (Virgo rising).  What really stands out to me amidst all this, however, is this opposition between freedom and security – which is why I want to focus on the North and South Nodes, squared by Jupiter.

Let’s start with Jupiter in Aquarius (in your 6th house of day-to-day work no less).  Jupiter in this sign wants FREEDOM above all else.  Seeing all sides and continuously learning is energizing and life giving.  There is part of this Jupiter placement that relishes doing things differently than others, not fitting the mold. No wonder you don’t want to be locked into one job or career.  This energy can work very well for you (more on that a little later) – and it is complicated because it is in tension with your North and South Nodes making it a place you might get stuck.

There is a natural opposition/tension energy created by the Nodes for everyone, and for you personally there is a tension between the desire to look to others for definition/direction and a carving of your own concrete path.  You are being asked to understand what *you* value and need, to create a solid foundation for yourself.  Hard enough as it is without Jupiter complicating the matter, making all this feel much more intense!  You’ve got a pinball machine situation going – your desire for freedom triggers your insecurities about how to feel solid in the world.

So how can you move forward? I have a few questions that may help – think of them through a career lens:

  • Think about what you value, what is most important to you, regardless of what others think.  How can this be your guide?
  • What situations help you see the divine in the every day?
  • When have you felt most proud, where has your effort has felt worthwhile?
  • Where might you be most able to express your egalitarian ideas?
  • What helps you get perspective?

Sending good thoughts your way as you navigate this crossroads!  You may want to pick up Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul for more information on the Nodes and Jupiter Signs by Madalyn Aslan for ideas on working with Jupiter in Aquarius.  If you would like, Tom or I would also be more than happy to talk more in depth about your chart with you.


Planets on the Midheaven Impact Career


Your Question: I want to manifest working for myself, in a non-mainstream field (astrology).

I have questions about how to do this, how to start, am I “qualified” ? I don’t have independent money, and work in a job I hate and feel uncomfortable and resentful having to do.

I am going through my second Saturn return.

My question: How to work with a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on the Midheaven?


Great question that also happens to be a perfect lead-in for our upcoming podcast on outer planet connections to the Midheaven. 

As you pointed out, your chart shows two big planets, Jupiter and Neptune, in your 10th house of career conjunct your Midheaven, the most elevated point in the natal chart.  Any planet that is close to the Midheaven in the natal chart becomes highly significant.  Jupiter’s presence shows the career journey and the need to expand your horizons there.  It’s the search for the truth, to find greater meaning in the world and to form a belief system that resonates with you.   Jupiter’s energy can easily be expressed through travel, teaching, lecturing, learning, exploring or publishing.  It’s the need to keep moving, growing and expanding your world. 

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune suggests the need to expand your boundaries and search for the truth in the unknown universe.  It’s the path of tremendous curiosity and need to find a greater meaning outside the tangible, physical, familiar world.  Learning about the world through your own experiences shows you’ve accumulated wisdom which you can start teaching to the rest of us.

With this nontraditional career path energy in your 10th house of career, you want to find a way to bring your talents associated with Jupiter and Neptune out into the public.  Neptune is intuitive and rules our dreams.  It’s no wonder it gets credited with creating illusions, such as those that are depicted by artists, photographers, spiritual leaders, sales people and politicians.  Negative Neptune is connected to addiction which besides drugs and alcohol, includes television.   Illusions can also confuse, distort and lead us astray.    

Neptune urges us to transcend the physical, let go of the ego and connect with a higher awareness.  An excellent book on Neptune is The Astrological Neptune and The Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene. 

So what does all this have to do with Neptune on the Midheaven?  All this energy needs to somehow be expressed through the career window.  Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches so when you become disillusioned and disappointed (negative Neptune) with your profession, then you experience those emotions big time!  When you tap into Jupiter’s power of optimism and faith, the opposite can come true.

There are those who will resist their Neptune in the 10th because it’s not a traditional energy that works in the western world.  It’s easy to get off your path and follow what many will tell you is a practical career.   Don’t risk it on being an artist when you can have a secure job in a company.  The artist’s voice inside may be calling but no one is listening.  The result of following a traditional career for Neptune is experienced as a sense of invisibility in the workplace, i.e., being overlooked for promotions and not getting the praise or recognition you’re longing for.  The reason is you’re not expressing your true talents so no one sees how much value you can bring.

Okay back to your question, ‘how do I work with this conjunction on my Midheaven’?    First, let me throw a few questions back at you.  What exactly is it that you don’t like about your job?  How long have you been feeling this level of resentment?  Knowing a bit more would help.   There are 3 reasons why most people don’t like their jobs: 1) money 2) skills 3) environment.  When more than 1 of these is not a match, work can be stressful. 

Keep in mind that Neptune’s highest potential is noncompetitive, peaceful, compassionate, altruistic energy that can also leave us feeling anxious, negative and stressed if we’re in a demanding work environment.  It’s the higher octave of Venus, the planet of love.  Allowing that energy to come forth in a traditional work environment is not always easy, but it is possible. 

Quiet the mind.  Neptune is a peaceful, unhurried journey. It’s incredibly important for you to take time to spend time alone and to reflect.  Create a peaceful, quiet, comfortable space.  Meditate, listen to music, dance, spend time near water, paint, take pictures, write, anything that engages the creative mind.  You have a passion for astrology so follow that dream to see where it takes you.  Your Neptune Jupiter conjunction will help you to intuitively connect with clients while teaching, leading and inspiring them to greatness. 

Get curious about the universe and follow your curiosity through writing about it.  Remember that your journey is the search for the truth and anything that helps you develop an understanding of the universe at a higher level of awareness is worthwhile.  Writing about your own natal chart, or others, would be the ideal approach. 

Some questions you might want to ask yourself:

What is my greatest potential?  What is the meaning of my current work?  How has it helped lead me to where I am now?  How can I release the negative energy around my job?  When I look back on this time 10 years from now, what are the obvious changes I can make right now?  What is holding me back from moving forward?  

If you’re being overly negative, I suspect it’s mostly related to your 2nd Saturn return.  Saturn of course can zap your energy and leave you depressed.  The 2nd Saturn return is when the universe sends out a strong reminder that it’s time to get on your path.  It’s easy to go negative at this time if you’ve wondered too far away.  

Saturn is connected to reality and when it hits our charts, we can no longer avoid the fact that we’re not doing what we want.   We have to face reality.  Saturn is now kicking you into gear.   Saturn is retrograde at the moment so it’s a good time to reassess where you’re headed and what changes you want to make, whether internal or external or both.  Great time to reflect and plan the work that you want to do.  Once Saturn goes direct and moves closer to Capricorn, I imagine you’ll notice a shift where you can start implementing some changes.   

A really good book that I recommend reading is Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams.  Also be sure to tune in to our upcoming podcast, When Outer Planets Aspect the Midheaven. 

I hope this answers your question.  Good luck!

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Pursuing A Creative Career

headquestionQuestion:  I’m considering a career change and would like to know what avenue would be the most fulfilling fit. Possibly something creative, maybe?

Answer: Thanks for writing Brandon.  You are being thoughtful about your transition and hopefully this information will help you as you think about your options!

Creativity is a word that means different things to each of us.  I often like to think of it as generativity in the natal chart – how we bring something forth from nothing, a heartfelt endeavor that is called forth from an idea and/or a feeling.

Looking at your natal chart in light of generativity, you have a gift for bringing together the heart and the mind, the personal and collective.  When you mention doing something creative, I have these questions for you:

  • Has anything kept you from pursuing a creative path for work to this point?
  • In what ways could you use your generosity of spirit to benefit society?
  • How have you brought forth your creativity in your work before?

As far as fulfillment is concerned, here are some of the pieces I see in your chart that would be important when evaluating a role and environment:

  • Plenty of variety, continual learning
  • Room for independence of thought and action
  • Time and space to vision and dream
  • An outlet for compassion and joy to be expressed
  • A way to shake up the status quo
  • A place where you can connect with others to share information

Best to you as you continue on this path of investigation.  If you’re interested in reading more on some key astrological points, consider doing some online research on these points in your chart:

  • Jupiter in Leo in the 11th
  • Moon in Aquarius in the 5th
  • Chiron in Taurus in the 9th

If we can be of any additional help, feel free to reach out to me or Tom!

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