How It Works



Our passion is bringing together two of our favorite tools – career coaching and astrology – to help you obtain insight into your career and make more informed decisions according to your birth chart.  We feel that bringing in the language and mystery of the stars and applying it to our work lives is not only rewarding but also very enlightening.

What makes an astrological perspective so valuable is that, unlike other career assessments, your birth chart reveals a holistic perspective that is unique to you.  It’s an objective perspective that concentrates on who you are and contains a wealth of information about your natural talents, skills, challenges, strengths, weaknesses and avenues to develop.  It also provides information on your values and addresses the nature of work that you would find most meaningful.  It not only shows your attitude towards work but also where you’re most likely to find success in the workplace.  For this reason, it’s a powerful tool that enriches any career coaching conversation.

Read on for some frequently asked questions about this site works.  We look forward to connecting with you!

What kinds of questions do you answer?

We respond to a new question each week and post it on Fridays.  The more detail you provide in your question, the more likely it will be chosen!  We do not answer predictively nor do we tell you what to do, e.g., should I take this job?  As coaches, we believe everyone has the answers within. Therefore, it is our responsibility to help you extract the information you’re looking for by connecting you with your inner knowing.  The natal chart helps light the way there.

Good topics to inquire about:

  • Helping to choose a new career
  • Identifying gifts, talents and values, i.e., what makes work fulfilling
  • Overcoming a job challenge
  • Planning a retirement career
  • Considering a job change and wondering where to begin
  • Helping to identify work or career that is the best fit
  • Getting started with a new career search after losing a job

What do I receive if you choose my question?

  • Analysis of your situation along with personalized suggestions based on your birth chart
  • Answers that help you gain a new perspective, comfort and confidence
  • Ideas for further exploration, including recommended books and articles
  • Encouragement

How do you handle privacy?

In the submission form, we ask how you would like to be referenced.  Be sure this is what you are comfortable with, as we will post your entire question and your preferred name.

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