Choosing a new direction

Your Question: I have been dealing with and some blocks to financial success in my music career and have been trying to break this pattern of bringing in the amount of money I desire through my passion, as well as overcoming procrastination and fears. I am wondering what is the best way to get my music to my fanbase so that I can become well known on a huge scale. I see this in my chart and in my future.


Hi Dani,

I hear your natal Saturn speaking loud and clear but I’m initially curious about what you’ve been doing to grow your career.   Saturn makes a very nice aspect to your most elevated career indicator which includes Venus, your chart ruler.  Plus you have three 10th house planets with Venus being the most elevated.  That combined with your Leo energy, suggests a very strong desire to be working closely with the public.  Fears and worries arise from Saturn in Scorpio in your money house, which suggest you could put a lot of pressure on your Scorpio Moon in the 2nd house (emotions and financial security), Leo Sun (creative energy) and Leo Mars (fiercely competitive), to perform more and better.  Saturn likes to point out all the areas that aren’t up to snuff which generally leaves us unsatisfied until we’ve perfected and mastered the perceived weaknesses.

How we feel about Saturn calling us out is up to us but if you’re like so many people, you may sabotage your own progress.  If you were my client, I imagine the coaching would lead us to your Saturn to make sure your self-talk, thoughts and emotions are all in alignment with your ambitions.  Money of course is a big part of the overall equation with Saturn in your 2nd house.   You want money and you want to express yourself creatively, but Saturn forces us to look at every little detail and many times the payoff is delayed.  The Leo energy in your chart is very strong and wants to be noticed. It’s the actor that shows talent, charisma, charm and warmth.   

Anyway, 2017 looks like a significant year for you and it could turn out to be a memorable one.  It’s an important year when you want to make sure you think, imagine and dream big.  The potential is to be in the public eye more so than in the past.  When you put your energy out there in 2017, people will respond and you’ll be noticed.  If you’re not doing things in a big way this year or have a plans for growth in place, you may start feeling trapped by your work, so it’s important to keep your attention focused on your important goals so you can move towards them.

This year also looks like it could be a new beginning of sorts professionally.  Have you been working towards transforming your career, starting something different or simply doing things in a brand new way? This looks like the year when the seeds that you planted start to take root.  If you’ve been exploring various options for growing your career, this is probably a good time for you to get serious and nurture what it is you wish to cultivate.  If you’ve been thinking about moving, your chart shows this could be the year, more than likely for professional reasons.

There’s a solar eclipse next August which happens to land directly on your Leo Sun, the performer in your chart.  Solar eclipses tend to super charge the planet they touch.  So for your career in music, this should be a very important time.  Eclipses can indicate confusion but if that’s the case, it’s only because you’re gaining more insight and wisdom around this time and feel overwhelmed by so much new data.  Clarity will follow and the energy you’ve been putting out there can start to manifest in unexpected ways.   

Another thing that can help with 2017 is to restructure, reorganize, get your finances under control and develop or modify your plan for the future.  Typically, this is the year when you feel the need to buckle down and get serious.  Keeping yourself well organized, structured and freeing yourself of any unnecessary clutter helps.  

Thanks very much for your question.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck with your year. 

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Tom Chaplin

Career Coach & Vocational Astrologer

Latest Podcast – An astrological perspective on the post election week

Now more than ever, it is important for us to stay centered, connected and true to our spiritual nature.

In this podcast, Aubrie and Tom talk about how personal and collective astrology can help guide us through challenging periods such as the one we’re experiencing, keep us on track and focused and better equipped to show up for the world in our own unique ways.

Time Out – Election Response

watchfloatingAstrologers around the world are backpedaling, apologizing and defending.  The great majority predicted Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential Election.  And as we all know by now, that didn’t happen.

This is my concern with astrological prediction.  In my opinion, it just can’t be done.  Astrology can’t predict the future.  It is a dangerous tool when used for prediction – it plays upon people’s desire for certainty in a vitally uncertain world, rather than helping them weather and engage with what life has brought.  It also undermines the positive use of astrology, which in my opinion is to connect people with their inner knowing.

So this brings me to my request to astrologers and all those who study the discipline at any level:

Please use the power of astrology to help people identify how they can use their gifts and talents to bring our country together in a way that brings love and equity. 

We need engaged people.  We had all kinds of talk in the astrological community about the call of Uranus in Aries for us to bring our unique contributions to the work of the Pluto in Capricorn deconstruction and transformation of our systems (for more on this, see Dena DeCastro’s amazing post Grief, the Election, and the Pluto-Uranus Square).  This is it people.  There are countless ways we can uniquely join forces, lead efforts, change energy, bridge gaps and extend caring. Use your astrological gift to help people find theirs – for all us.  It’s time.

aubrie de clerck
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Time for Change


Question: Am I going to get work in California and a work visa?  I want to relocate there from my country. 

Hi Sophie,

Your chart shows that you have a powerful will and a focused, determination and desire to carve out your own unique niche and take necessary steps, make changes, do whatever it takes to ‘make it happen’.  It also shows that you take a very serious approach to your career that includes a strong commitment and drive to success.  I don’t believe you are someone who let’s things stand in her way. 

Interestingly enough, you’ve entered an important period of growth that shows potentially sweeping changes, most notably in the area of your career.  This will continue for a number of years. With so much activity, it’s best to expect the unexpected and allow life to unfold.  Your life is transforming in a significant way.  You will likely look back on this period and be amazed over all the events that occurred as well as all the new people who entered your life.

The theme for this year has been to ‘do it my way’.  This is the beginning of a new cycle so I would imagine that this year has opened up many new doors and possibilities for you.  This period can manifest in a couple of ways.  Most people tend to experience a powerful inner desire to move on to something new. It sounds as though this may describe your situation.

However, impatience and frustration over things not moving quickly enough can take precedence. Your chart suggests a good possibility of delays and even blocks that slow things down.  This is temporary and should pass by very soon.  The important thing is to not give up, which I don’t believe is in your nature. 

I realize you’re wondering if you’re on the right track and if things are going to work out.  The full Moon that occurs on November 14th is going to bring you some news.  This should be an important time when things start to move forward.  It’s important to remain optimistic, listen to your intuition which is strong and be very careful not to neglect your current responsibilities.  This is the time to finish up tasks, clear the clutter, take care of any obligations in order to lighten your load.  Once you’ve freed yourself from your current responsibilities, the benefits of this transit can be experienced. But remaining optimistic, keeping your sights set on your end goals and taking the action necessary should move you forward towards what you want.  

I also relocated your chart to Los Angeles to see how the energy of that location looks for you.  It appears that you can more easily express your creativity in LA.  For some reason, Munich feels like a location where it’s more difficult to be yourself. It’s as though the environment doesn’t support the outward expression of your personality in a comfortable manner.  But LA does! LA seems to be a place where you can open up and feel more like you.  Your LA chart is a good chart for working with the public or connecting with the public in such a way that they respond well to you. 

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Tom Chaplin

Career Coach & Vocational Astrologer

Stuck in Job Search

Question: I am having a hard time trying to find a job. I have an Associates degree in ART, stuckand SCIENCE and Applied science in Computer Information Systems. Also have my bachelors in University Studies. While I got these because it seems that’s what you need now a days I don’t feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in life. I’m a Navy veteran and I cant get a break with all that college and experience under my belt. – Ty

Answer: Hi Ty.  Many thanks for reaching out.  It is really hard in job search (and in life!) when you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but nothing is materializing.  To compound that, being off purpose is disorienting – which way does one go instead?

It might be worth a doing a reset in your search, taking a step back about what you really want and what will work for you.  In looking at your chart, I see a few strong energies that I hope will help – not only in evaluating if a job is in line with your purpose, but also if a role and an environment are a good fit.

  • Caring and Compassion.  There is a very strong signature in your chart for being of support to others.  To have an outlet in your work life where you are allowed to be of help and nurture others would be transformative for you.
  • Independence and Action.  You’ve got a natural fire in your chart and I imagine that it might feel restricted right now due to current circumstances. Put some energy behind this – what lights you up?  What makes you happy?  You’ve got something to say and the desire to put actions behind your words.  Is there something you’d like to advocate for?
  • Stability and Groundedness. It would do a world of good for you to have a sense of calm and security.  Take good care of your resources and choose options that will provide.  Cultivate self reliance. Stay clear of drama filled workplaces – keep good boundaries. Look for ways to practically contribute with tangible outcomes.

In addition, I wonder if you may have difficulty believing in your ideas.  I would encourage you to take some time to think about who you are as a unique individual and how you would like to help others.  Start from the inside, rather than looking to what the latest job trends say.

Best to you in your search,

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