Which path is best?

Hi Kate,child-1721906_19202
Thanks very much for your career question. Healthcare in general looks like a good fit. But I’m wondering what the underlying motivator is. Key words that jump out of your chart are: compassion, dedicated worker, strong values and work ethic, deep inner healing, spirituality, social consciousness, making the world a better place, independence, healing in general, original, passionate. There’s also a nice flow of creative inspiration throughout your chart that could appear in the form of inspired leadership, teaching or art.

You said you love many aspects of mental health therapy but what exactly is motivating you to make a change? That profession aligns with so many aspects of your chart. I want to point out, however, that there’s a lot of 7th house action this year that suggests searching for new ways to work with your clients or reevaluating other important 1 on 1 relationships. While Saturn transits your 7th house, he aspects Neptune which could easily be asking you to look at the vision you hold for yourself and how does it align with where I am in my life right now. There are many possible manifestations of this transit but it is important to consider your decision carefully. Neptune more often than not will lead us astray when we think the grass is greener somewhere else.

Pluto is also transiting the 7th and you just completed your Mars return in the 7th which points to a new beginning of some type. So there’s lots of activity in that area of your life which makes me wonder what is motivating you to explore new opportunities? Picture yourself in both occupations and ask yourself, ‘what do you have now that you didn’t have before?’ How does this relate to your long term professional goals?

You have a natural ability to look deeply at any issue, step outside the box and be very original with your ideas and thoughts. This seems to fit the research position well and I can definitely see the attraction to it in your chart. Physicians Assistant is a good possibility too, but what is most important to consider is how either one of these occupations line up with your long term goals. Whatever you decide, you’ll need a certain degree of autonomy, and the freedom to be creative, imaginative and original.

One more thing, this year is extra important for you. It’s a high potential year where you can reach for something big and make it happen. So I would suggest that if there’s something that’s really calling you, this year is probably the year to listen. It doesn’t have to be related to your profession either but it’s a year when your energy is strong.
Hopefully this gives you some helpful insights.

Good luck with your decision,

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Prosperity and Resonance


mandala-1302804_1920Question: How to incorporate my natural cosmic gifts, and effortless strengths with a deep need for self-empowerment, co-operation in spiritual grown of higher consciousness, freedom from dead, soulless work environments, with financial sustainability and socio-economical modern necessity to earn money (others called it an energy flow)?


Answer:   I always wonder where someone happens to be on their path at the time they seek career advice.  We all fall off the path at times and then scramble to climb back on.  I’m curious how you define a dead, soulless work environment?  Is that where you find yourself now? Naturally that has different meaning for everyone.  For some it’s too much repetition. For other it might be lack of growth opportunities while for others it’s the environment that does not support who the employee is.   

Your question prompted me to take a different direction and look at your transiting planets to see what you’re currently experiencing.  I’m glad I did. Transiting Saturn is making a very significant aspect to Mercury, your ruling planet of the 10th house and career. What that suggests is it’s time to do the work in order to make the necessary professional changes.  Saturn is not a short cut planet either.  It is concerned with improvement and its mission is perfection. When Mercury is under the influence of a Saturn transit, it’s time to get it together. For you, it’s directly related to your career identity and becoming clear on what that is.  If you’re already clear then Saturn is making it hard for you to ignore it and wants you to fully utilize it.  

Mercury is naturally a very curious planet.  Standing in the place of curiosity and allowing yourself to become ultra-curious about what else is possible.  What do you long for? When are you most inspired?  Do your research and conduct informational interviews.  Ask questions! Take the action you think will move you forward.  Perhaps that means taking a class or obtaining another degree. 

Regardless of the steps you take, Saturn wants you to go through the motions and do the work.  Since this aspect will continue into August, you may feel a bit as though Saturn is banging you over the head at times.  If you’re currently in a dead, soulless job as you mentioned in your question, Saturn will amplify that sensation to make it crystal clear that you’ve strayed from your path and it’s time to find your way back.     

Transiting Saturn is likely making it obvious that you’re not mentally stimulated in your line of work.  Since Mercury rules your career, it has an important role.  I see your Mercury in Sagittarius as a restless planet that likes to stay intellectually busy, search for answers, speak the truth, come up with solutions, learn and have a greater purpose as well as a high level understanding of the world.   Mercury needs to be Mercury in your case for you to feel your work is meaningful. 

Moving on, your natal Sun was in Scorpio at the time of your birth.  You also happen to have Scorpio on your Ascendant which makes you a double Scorpio.  Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars was also in Scorpio at your birth. What this means is you probably prefer to approach new opportunities with caution rather than impulsively rush in.   Scorpio is a complex sign and sometimes gets a bad reputation because of its tendency to lash out and sting. However, once the emotional side of Scorpio’s shadow has been tamed, Scorpio can easily lead one towards professions focused on inner transformation and healing.   

Your natal Moon is in Gemini which is a much lighter energy than heavy duty Scorpio.  Plus your Moon is in your 7th house which is an ideal placement if you want to work with clients.   Clients will respond well to you and you’ll want to make sure they are well taken care of.  The Moon represents our need to be safe, comfortable and secure.  Your 7th house Moon indicates a natural comfort level working one on one with people.  Stimulating conversations can also be a lot of fun and enjoyable for you.

Chiron (the wounded healer in mythology) is strong in your chart and aspected in such a way that it suggests you had to work through pain in your life.  It’s a challenger for you and challenges you to move forward on your path.  One characteristic of Chiron is that we actually see our wound through another person much easier than we see it in ourselves.  In other words, we project it out into the world.  Through our natal placement of Chiron, we can show others how to heal. That’s the gift of Chiron.

There are many options, e.g., teaching, coaching, counseling, spirituality, chiropractor, psychic, astrologer, massage, reiki, etc. You could even channel this energy into the arts such as music, painting or photography. When Chiron is strong there’s generally a strong pull towards healing in some shape or form. Healing can show up in most any profession. It’s up to you to tap into its energy.  The executive who empowers, inspires, teaches, cultivates and rewards has a transformative and healing nature. It really boils down to how you approach your job.  It is possible to breathe new life into a job that appears to be hopelessly dead-ended. 

I hope this helps. If you’d like to know more about Saturn, I invite you to listen to the Saturn podcast which is posted on this site.  Good luck with your search. 


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Stuck in Job Search

Question: I am having a hard time trying to find a job. I have an Associates degree in ART, stuckand SCIENCE and Applied science in Computer Information Systems. Also have my bachelors in University Studies. While I got these because it seems that’s what you need now a days I don’t feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in life. I’m a Navy veteran and I cant get a break with all that college and experience under my belt. – Ty

Answer: Hi Ty.  Many thanks for reaching out.  It is really hard in job search (and in life!) when you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but nothing is materializing.  To compound that, being off purpose is disorienting – which way does one go instead?

It might be worth a doing a reset in your search, taking a step back about what you really want and what will work for you.  In looking at your chart, I see a few strong energies that I hope will help – not only in evaluating if a job is in line with your purpose, but also if a role and an environment are a good fit.

  • Caring and Compassion.  There is a very strong signature in your chart for being of support to others.  To have an outlet in your work life where you are allowed to be of help and nurture others would be transformative for you.
  • Independence and Action.  You’ve got a natural fire in your chart and I imagine that it might feel restricted right now due to current circumstances. Put some energy behind this – what lights you up?  What makes you happy?  You’ve got something to say and the desire to put actions behind your words.  Is there something you’d like to advocate for?
  • Stability and Groundedness. It would do a world of good for you to have a sense of calm and security.  Take good care of your resources and choose options that will provide.  Cultivate self reliance. Stay clear of drama filled workplaces – keep good boundaries. Look for ways to practically contribute with tangible outcomes.

In addition, I wonder if you may have difficulty believing in your ideas.  I would encourage you to take some time to think about who you are as a unique individual and how you would like to help others.  Start from the inside, rather than looking to what the latest job trends say.

Best to you in your search,

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Exploring Fulfilling Careers

openhandQuestion:  I moved from a finance position to an IT making good money, but I’m still not satisfied. I do like money, but not sure what career will give me fulfillment and makes money.

Answer: Hi Dayna,

Thank you very much for your question. I apologize that it has taken so long to post a reply. I’m blaming the holidays followed by Mercury retrograde for the lengthy delay.  Thanks for your patience.
You ask a great question and one that a lot of people bring up. Although a natal chart is a powerful tool we use in coaching to help our clients find answers to questions such as these, the chart does not answer the question for you. For example, someone’s chart may show a strong desire towards communication i.e., writing, publishing, speaking. How you choose to express that drive is up to you. As coaches, our job is to guide you to that place of fulfillment, which can be accelerated by tapping into the natal chart.
Anyway, my initial reaction to your question is to dive into your lack of satisfaction and learn how it shows up for you in your job. I’m also very curious about what pulled you away from finance and led you to IT. Start by making a list of the things you found satisfying in finance and another list for IT. What do they have in common? I also recommend making two more lists that reflect areas of dissatisfaction. Perhaps something obvious such as a strong dislike of working with details will jump off the page.
Your creative imagination, intuition, ability to visualize the big picture are strong so you may have a greater preference for working with people in some capacity instead of facts. Your Libra rising Ascendant with its ruler Venus in the expressive, outgoing sign of Leo, also falling in the house of your career, would support this. Your Pisces Moon may wish to retreat and spend time alone when you spend too much time around negative people or situations. So that’s something to keep an eye on.
The most elevated planet in your natal chart is the Sun in Cancer. Your Sun is 5 degrees from the Midheaven which is a powerful and significant point for your career. This placement suggests a desire to shine professionally and to be a leader in your area of expertise. In fact, leadership could be one of your key words. Your North Node is here as well which emphasizes the importance of your career house. Your Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon make a beautiful trine to each other. The combination of water suggests not only a sensitive nature but a genuine compassion and caring for others. There are certainly ways to incorporate this energy into an IT career, but the nature of your job may need to change.
I want to leave you with one more comment about your chart. The fact that you have the Sun, Venus (your chart ruler), and the North Node in your 10th house of career, it’s an important area of life that must be developed. When this house is emphasized in the chart, many people fall into the trap of choosing a career that they think they ‘should’ be in or find a career that appears to be good for their public image or will make someone proud of them. Fulfillment happens when your career is an expression of your own uniqueness. Most of my clients have success once they stop searching for a career that will make them happy and start looking at all the ways they themselves are unique. Once you’re clear about that, you’re ready to figure out the best path of expression which will lead you to fulfillment.
If you have any follow up questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail.

Best of luck!


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Where Do I Go From Here?

directionQuestion:  Career redirection: I have a CPA. After being the in field of Accounting post college, I decided it is not for me. Too much stress and I just crunch numbers in a cube all day.  I quit my job in May, 2015, the tension was too difficult to deal with and my blood pressure was through the roof.  Where do I go from here?  For the summer, I am helping a friend doing electrical work as a helper.  Huge pay decrease but at least I am not so confined.  Note 6th house emphasis.  -Andrew

Answer: Hi Andrew, thanks so much for writing.  Sounds like you are taking a much needed break, tending to your well being.  Yes, you have *a lot* going on in your 6th house (for those reading who might not know what this means, imagine the universe shining a flashlight on one specific part of the chart, in this case the house of day-to-day work.)  Given its contents, I imagine that daily work is important to you, and poses some challenges.  I also imagine this is not the last change of jobs for you!

You have a clear desire for freedom, and astrologically I can see that being a driver in your decision making.   As you consider what route to take next, take these inquiries into account:

  • Where would you like to go deeper?
  • What topics inspire you to look at the big picture?
  • Will this next career allow you to simplify your life?
  • What organization / industry could benefit from your objective outlook?
  • What does service to others and humanity mean to you?
  • Are you interested in using your powers of persuasion?

Communication features prominently in your chart – I wonder if it comes along with a hesitation in expressing your personal ideas and thoughts.  It would be worth investigating your natural gifts about guiding others.  You are here to break the mold, and can inspire others to do so as well!

I hope this is helpful to you.  Best to you as you take the space of the summer to research and explore.


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Where to turn?

whereturnQuestion: I’m leaving a job that is no longer fulfilling. It has kept me from spending time with my family without providing appropriate monetary benefits or personal satisfaction. While I can take a little time off for now to reconnect with my family, I will need to find something else eventually. I’m not sure where to turn. I’m not even sure I want to stay in the same field. At this point, I just want to land on my feet, have a normal life, and provide for my family. – Kathy

Answer: Thanks for writing Kathy.  It sounds like your decision to leave is choice for more – more time, more money, more satisfaction.   I’m glad to hear you can take some time off!  It can be hard to identify industries and roles when you are so early in your transition.  As you explore, consider evaluating your opportunities based on what attributes are important – even consider which are deal-breakers.

When weighing your options, consider:

A role where you are:

  • Able to create tangible results
  • Expected to take charge, be a leader
  • Showcasing your resourcefulness
  • Focused on setting and accomplishing goals
  • In service

An organization that:

  • Aligns with your beliefs
  • Rewards your persistence
  • Appreciates your attention to detail
  • Allows for your unconventional and egalitarian approach
  • Provides variety
  • Is stable

As there may be some tension between meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of others, be sure to pause and ask yourself if balance can be achieved in that role or organization.

Useful resources: The Astrology of Success (Taurus midheaven), and Astrology for the Soul (North Node Virgo, 1st House), both by Jan Spiller.

Best to you as you start this new chapter of your work life!


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