Hidden Talents

Question: Hello, can you help me think of a “plan b” for my career? Currently I’m in the performing arts as a teacher, choreographer, and performer. I love my job, but the opportunities aren’t coming in as much since the recession. I  am interested in transitioning out and up money wise. Are there any hidden, untapped talents that I am not utilizing that can help me support myself and family? Thank you for your consideration! – Laurel

Answer: Hi Laurel!  It is so interesting that you asked about hidden and untapped talents – there are a few that stand out in your chart:

  • Communication – while you may feel some hesitation in this area of your life, you absolutely have gifts here.  You have an ability to see the big picture that is inspired.  You are a keen observer and neutral party.  You get hunches that are spot on.  You have the power to be a change agent (systems or processes) or humanitarian advocate (focus on fairness, equity or social reform).  Have you considered partnering with someone (or some organization) that could help you trust yourself in the expression of your original thinking?
  • Empathy – your chart shows a capacity for nurturing and caring.  A role where you are comforting others and supporting their needs, while challenging, is one where you can shine.  Consider a type of position where you can help people identify what they want and encourage them to take steps to achieve it.  There’s lots of ways to nurture people – hospitality, counseling – think big using your skills from above! 🙂
  • Resourcefulness – Know anyone who needs an idea brought to life?  You have a knack for helping people overcome challenges and bring their creative endeavors into physical form (editors and midwives do this).  Instinctively you teach others how to manage their resources and build foundations they can build upon. There is wisdom in the body, and you can show others where it lies in them.

I hope these are helpful to you!  Here are a couple of resources for further reading:

Chiron and the Healing Journey (Chiron in Taurus) by Melanie Reinhart

Astrology for the Soul (North Node Cancer) by Jan Spiller


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Finding Success as an Entrepreneur

Question: Hi, I’ve been wondering about business success and what to be aware of to maximize the chance of success.  Thanks — Anders from Norwaycomputer

Answer: Thanks for your question Anders! Questions about success are common. However, I’m always curious what success actually means to the person who is asking.  We each have our own definition based on what’s important to us. For some, it’s accumulating wealth. For others, it’s making a difference in the lives of other people.  Still for some, it’s loving what you do and nothing more.  Since you have connected success with business, I can point you to a few places based on significant dynamics that stand out in your natal chart.

As your chart suggests, you have an exceptionally strong, independent nature. It’s very important for you to follow your own instincts and take risks when you feel so inclined.  This is a typical characteristic of any entrepreneur.  If you rely on others too much, you will likely feel held back and frustrated.  You’re here to do it your way, with or without others and tap into your talents as a leader whenever possible.

Your rising sign is Capricorn with Saturn in the 10th house, which indicates that you’re very responsible, hardworking and attracted to the business world.  Becoming accomplished and an authority in your field is important.  Money is also important and fortunately for you, being in business is a great way for you to generate it.  Venus and Mercury were in Aquarius in your 2nd house at the time of your birth.  This tells me you can easily make money through your unique creativity, innovative ideas and natural communication skills.  Your innate talent is connecting with people.  Networking, writing, speaking and joining groups that align with your values are all good paths for you to take.

Another very important dynamic in your chart is your grand water trine.  Whenever I see a grand trine in someone’s chart, I know they have natural creative talent.  What they do with it, is up to them.  Since your trine is made up of the element water, it indicates a strong intuitive nature.  Your Moon is part of this trine and right at home in the sign of Cancer.  She is also a major player in your chart, standing solo in the Western hemisphere in the 7th house, she’s known as the chart handle. What this means is all the energy of your chart is funneled through this powerful Moon in the house of one on one relationships.  I encourage you to put a lot of energy into this area as it’s very, very important.   If you already work directly with clients you probably know what I mean. A client will feel very comfortable in your presence and trust you implicitly.  In return, they benefit from your natural compassion and ability to connect intuitively.  Key words to align with are compassion, intuition and healing.

Thanks for your question Anders. Best of luck to you in your business!

Life Purpose, Career Purpose

weathervaneQuestion: How do I know my life purpose and how it interacts with my career? – Den

Answer: Great question Den! Thank you for asking it. Our life purpose is actually a huge mystery to so many of us. It’s a constant pull that guides us forward as we wander on and off our path. When you’re not aligned with your path, you know it. You’ll be stressed, frustrated and unhappy with whatever the situation is. More than likely you’ll adopt a victim mentality. When you’re living your life purpose, your work resonates with you at an internal, soul level. You feel alive and passionate about what you do. The benefit is more fulfillment and greater feelings of satisfaction. Many people will tell you their life purpose is so rewarding that it doesn’t even feel like work.

Life purpose of course does not need to be limited to only one focus. The life purpose is an energy or calling that can be expressed multiple ways. Many people choose to express it one way their entire lives. Others have multiple careers and occupations that all reflect who they are. A few things that stand out in your chart are compassion for others (we’ll come back to this), playfulness and strong communication. People more than likely see you as someone who is spontaneous, energetic and ready for action. You can thank your Aries Ascendant for the latter traits.

Your Moon is in Capricorn in the 10th house shows a highly responsible nature that leads to professional success. You become an authority in your field! You can write, teach, lead or train. Much of your path is about learning from your own experience and constructing your own philosophies, beliefs and approaches that can be shared with others.

Now back to compassion! Cancer is on your 5th house cusp which is compassion for children. In whatever way you can work with kids, you’ll be expressing your energy. Your own childhood wound is healed and transformed when you direct your compassion out into the world. Your compassion may be directed towards those who feel different or somehow excluded. They feel drawn to you because of your ability to empathize. I say this because Chiron is in Aquarius in the 11th.   Aquarius is the sign of inclusion and Chiron shows the wound around this as well as the healing takes place.

Everything so far has led up to this: If you have been wondering whether or not you’re on your path, there’s a very strong indicator in your chart that says you are a great teacher and leader of humanity. You can actually lift others up through your compassion and inspiration. If this does not resonate with you, you may feel as though you’re trapped by the day to day, routine responsibilities and tasks of your job. If that’s the case, you can make a choice at any time to align fully with your path. It’s all up to you.

Good luck! I hope this answers your question.

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