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Planets on the Midheaven Impact Career


Your Question: I want to manifest working for myself, in a non-mainstream field (astrology).

I have questions about how to do this, how to start, am I “qualified” ? I don’t have independent money, and work in a job I hate and feel uncomfortable and resentful having to do.

I am going through my second Saturn return.

My question: How to work with a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on the Midheaven?


Great question that also happens to be a perfect lead-in for our upcoming podcast on outer planet connections to the Midheaven. 

As you pointed out, your chart shows two big planets, Jupiter and Neptune, in your 10th house of career conjunct your Midheaven, the most elevated point in the natal chart.  Any planet that is close to the Midheaven in the natal chart becomes highly significant.  Jupiter’s presence shows the career journey and the need to expand your horizons there.  It’s the search for the truth, to find greater meaning in the world and to form a belief system that resonates with you.   Jupiter’s energy can easily be expressed through travel, teaching, lecturing, learning, exploring or publishing.  It’s the need to keep moving, growing and expanding your world. 

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune suggests the need to expand your boundaries and search for the truth in the unknown universe.  It’s the path of tremendous curiosity and need to find a greater meaning outside the tangible, physical, familiar world.  Learning about the world through your own experiences shows you’ve accumulated wisdom which you can start teaching to the rest of us.

With this nontraditional career path energy in your 10th house of career, you want to find a way to bring your talents associated with Jupiter and Neptune out into the public.  Neptune is intuitive and rules our dreams.  It’s no wonder it gets credited with creating illusions, such as those that are depicted by artists, photographers, spiritual leaders, sales people and politicians.  Negative Neptune is connected to addiction which besides drugs and alcohol, includes television.   Illusions can also confuse, distort and lead us astray.    

Neptune urges us to transcend the physical, let go of the ego and connect with a higher awareness.  An excellent book on Neptune is The Astrological Neptune and The Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene. 

So what does all this have to do with Neptune on the Midheaven?  All this energy needs to somehow be expressed through the career window.  Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches so when you become disillusioned and disappointed (negative Neptune) with your profession, then you experience those emotions big time!  When you tap into Jupiter’s power of optimism and faith, the opposite can come true.

There are those who will resist their Neptune in the 10th because it’s not a traditional energy that works in the western world.  It’s easy to get off your path and follow what many will tell you is a practical career.   Don’t risk it on being an artist when you can have a secure job in a company.  The artist’s voice inside may be calling but no one is listening.  The result of following a traditional career for Neptune is experienced as a sense of invisibility in the workplace, i.e., being overlooked for promotions and not getting the praise or recognition you’re longing for.  The reason is you’re not expressing your true talents so no one sees how much value you can bring.

Okay back to your question, ‘how do I work with this conjunction on my Midheaven’?    First, let me throw a few questions back at you.  What exactly is it that you don’t like about your job?  How long have you been feeling this level of resentment?  Knowing a bit more would help.   There are 3 reasons why most people don’t like their jobs: 1) money 2) skills 3) environment.  When more than 1 of these is not a match, work can be stressful. 

Keep in mind that Neptune’s highest potential is noncompetitive, peaceful, compassionate, altruistic energy that can also leave us feeling anxious, negative and stressed if we’re in a demanding work environment.  It’s the higher octave of Venus, the planet of love.  Allowing that energy to come forth in a traditional work environment is not always easy, but it is possible. 

Quiet the mind.  Neptune is a peaceful, unhurried journey. It’s incredibly important for you to take time to spend time alone and to reflect.  Create a peaceful, quiet, comfortable space.  Meditate, listen to music, dance, spend time near water, paint, take pictures, write, anything that engages the creative mind.  You have a passion for astrology so follow that dream to see where it takes you.  Your Neptune Jupiter conjunction will help you to intuitively connect with clients while teaching, leading and inspiring them to greatness. 

Get curious about the universe and follow your curiosity through writing about it.  Remember that your journey is the search for the truth and anything that helps you develop an understanding of the universe at a higher level of awareness is worthwhile.  Writing about your own natal chart, or others, would be the ideal approach. 

Some questions you might want to ask yourself:

What is my greatest potential?  What is the meaning of my current work?  How has it helped lead me to where I am now?  How can I release the negative energy around my job?  When I look back on this time 10 years from now, what are the obvious changes I can make right now?  What is holding me back from moving forward?  

If you’re being overly negative, I suspect it’s mostly related to your 2nd Saturn return.  Saturn of course can zap your energy and leave you depressed.  The 2nd Saturn return is when the universe sends out a strong reminder that it’s time to get on your path.  It’s easy to go negative at this time if you’ve wondered too far away.  

Saturn is connected to reality and when it hits our charts, we can no longer avoid the fact that we’re not doing what we want.   We have to face reality.  Saturn is now kicking you into gear.   Saturn is retrograde at the moment so it’s a good time to reassess where you’re headed and what changes you want to make, whether internal or external or both.  Great time to reflect and plan the work that you want to do.  Once Saturn goes direct and moves closer to Capricorn, I imagine you’ll notice a shift where you can start implementing some changes.   

A really good book that I recommend reading is Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams.  Also be sure to tune in to our upcoming podcast, When Outer Planets Aspect the Midheaven. 

I hope this answers your question.  Good luck!

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Tom Chaplin

Career Coach & Astrologer



Pursuing A Creative Career

headquestionQuestion:  I’m considering a career change and would like to know what avenue would be the most fulfilling fit. Possibly something creative, maybe?

Answer: Thanks for writing Brandon.  You are being thoughtful about your transition and hopefully this information will help you as you think about your options!

Creativity is a word that means different things to each of us.  I often like to think of it as generativity in the natal chart – how we bring something forth from nothing, a heartfelt endeavor that is called forth from an idea and/or a feeling.

Looking at your natal chart in light of generativity, you have a gift for bringing together the heart and the mind, the personal and collective.  When you mention doing something creative, I have these questions for you:

  • Has anything kept you from pursuing a creative path for work to this point?
  • In what ways could you use your generosity of spirit to benefit society?
  • How have you brought forth your creativity in your work before?

As far as fulfillment is concerned, here are some of the pieces I see in your chart that would be important when evaluating a role and environment:

  • Plenty of variety, continual learning
  • Room for independence of thought and action
  • Time and space to vision and dream
  • An outlet for compassion and joy to be expressed
  • A way to shake up the status quo
  • A place where you can connect with others to share information

Best to you as you continue on this path of investigation.  If you’re interested in reading more on some key astrological points, consider doing some online research on these points in your chart:

  • Jupiter in Leo in the 11th
  • Moon in Aquarius in the 5th
  • Chiron in Taurus in the 9th

If we can be of any additional help, feel free to reach out to me or Tom!

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Job Vacancy: President of the United States

mount-rushmore-902483-1An article in Forbes, 12 Leadership Qualities of an Often Overlooked President, discusses John Adams and his leadership style —   https://goo.gl/QqgKRn.

John Adams was not the most popular president, but he had an impeccable work ethic, clear vision and persistent drive that no one denied was genuine.  He was considered to be an authentic leader who believed in government, law and education.  He also believed in doing the right thing and fighting for what was right.  He always sought common ground with his adversaries.  He was a master at bringing a unified force to most any situation.  He’s not the most celebrated president but he might be the most respected as a leader.

The million dollar question is how do the current list of candidates compare to John Adams? Do we even want someone like John Adams in this political climate? How would he as one of our founding fathers handle the today’s political chaos?  It’s important to get focused and clear on our expectations for the role of President.  Perhaps a good start is to write a job description to use as a guide during the selection process.

Vacancy Announcement – President of the United States (based on President John Adams)

We are currently conducting a nationwide search for a strong Leader with clear vision and integrity to serve the United States over the next 4 years.  To be considered you must clearly demonstrate a sound track record of authentic leadership, commitment to beliefs, sacrifice for others and honesty.  A job description for the President might read something like this:


  • Excellent communication, i.e., speaking, listening, writing. Includes interpersonal and connecting with others.
  • Value education in self and country. Naturally curious. Never stops learning. 
  • Honest/Ethical – strive for excellent reputation
  • Recognize weaknesses
  • Ready to serve the country. Sacrifice whatever necessary.
  • Persistent – don’t give up
  • Does the right thing and fights for what is right regardless of popularity.
  • Demonstrates ability to commit and follow through no matter how hard.
  • Believes in basic human rights for all, i.e., life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

John Adams chart

How does John Adams’ natal chart compare to this description?  There’s a Neptune Uranus opposition, a generational aspect.  However, it conjuncts the MC-IC which makes it a driving force in his life.  His vision, dream and sacrifices he made (Neptune) for freedom (Uranus) must be carried out into the world.

His belief about the world was formed early, Jupiter is in Capricorn in his 4th house.  His father demanded he go to college to study law.  Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, brings a strong sense of morality and ethics to the outer world in the 9th house of higher education and justice.    With Saturn in opposition to Mercury in Scorpio, it was mandatory for him to be well read, educated and smart. He was viewed as an intellectual as was his wife.

His chart shows a mutual reception (MA Libra and Venus Scorpio) which disposes the entire chart.  Each planet is in the other’s sign that it rules, not an easy mutual reception to balance.  He encountered many difficult and challenging people where he had to argue his point relentlessly in order to persuade people to meet him half way.   With Mars in his 1st house, he would fight for what he believed to be fair (Libra).  He fought for basic human rights for the country.

Venus shows the intense people and situations he encountered.  As an attorney, he accepted an unpopular appointment to defend British soldiers.  He accepted the role because he believed in law and that everyone was entitled to a fair trial. As a representative from Massachusetts in the Continental Congress, he argued, debated and eventually persuaded the majority of states to vote for independence.

Donald Trump

Armed with our John Adams inspired job description, how do the current roster of candidates compare?  First, Donald Trump would be making a career change to become President.   Does he have transferrable skills for this role?  What about his innate talents?  Who is this man anyway?  We all feel we know the public Donald Trump, but is that the real Donald?

His chart shows a number of significant stand outs such as Mars on his Leo Ascendant and SU, UR, NN in Gemini in the 10th house.  This suggests a very strong, unique approach to leadership.  This is someone who must be in charge, make his own decisions and fight to defend them.  Does this indicate he’s a great leader?  What other leadership qualities does the chart show?  Does he view leadership as an opportunity to serve the country as President Adams did?

No one would argue the powerful placement of his Mars in Leo on his Ascendant. We watch as he hammers away at any and all adversaries.  His 10th house Sun sends instructions to the warrior planet to guard his reputation and authority by openly attacking those who disagree.  With Mars on the Ascendant, he wants to come out on top in any confrontation.

The trine from Jupiter to Uranus, NN and the Sun exudes confidence, optimism and tremendous faith in himself.   On the negative side, it’s all-knowing with a refusal to listen to differing points of view. Who does he turn to when he needs advice?

A challenging placement in his chart is Saturn conjunct Venus.  Saturn is in detriment in Cancer and exerts tremendous pressure on Venus to work and earn her keep.  Venus must prove her worth through success.  The problem with proving your worth is that it becomes a trap.  Feeling worthy starts within so if this is the case with Trump, he’ll never satisfy himself by looking externally. This pattern fits the addict who needs more and more to feel satisfied. It doesn’t help that Venus rules his MC.

The only planets he has in feminine signs are intercepted in Cancer in the 11th house. The rest of his chart shows extraverted, masculine energy.  Mars in Leo on the Ascendant suggests a strong macho persona.  Chances are good that for whatever reason, the childhood environment did not support or acknowledge the outward expression of his emotional needs.  Of course those needs don’t simply vanish. They become internalized through the interceptions.  Does this mean there’s a softer side to Trump that is reserved for those closest to him or does he deny his emotional needs and project them onto others?  Perhaps he has mastered the art of emotional control which would be one approach to working with this dynamic.  No doubt he connects with his followers on an emotional level.  They claim they feel left out, overlooked and rejected, all typical responses to Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer in the 11th.   In short, their needs have been denied and they become the recipients for Donald’s projections.  What message of hope and inspiration does he have for the people who don’t relate to this?

Mercury’s job as dispositor of Gemini is to help the Sun carry out its mission.  Therefore, communication is key to advancing Donald’s reputation. Mercury also rules the 11th house from its intercepted position in Cancer.  Neptune in the 2nd house squares Mercury.   Neptune represents our dreams and illusions. Neptune allows us to escape reality and visit the make believe land of our imagination.  In challenging aspect to Mercury, Neptune brings an intoxicating influence to the planet of communication.   In a jam? Here’s a great story that will blow everyone away.  It works like a charm in any type of sales situation because the person doing the selling is able to intuitively connect with what the prospective buyer wants to hear.  He can magically paint a picture with words that is so believable and convincing, the potential buyer feels he’s part of the story.   Mercury supports the overall mission of the 11th house by saying whatever is necessary to gather support for the overall agenda of the Sun.  Trump’s strength is negotiating and acquiring large deals that bring in enormous amounts of money.  His vision for doing so is likely very strong.  Does this make him qualified to step into the role of President?

None of Trump’s natal planets fall in earth signs which in itself indicates an out of balance chart. The lack of earth is a possible red flag that needs to be addressed.   Planets in earth help ground the rest of the chart and point to a focused, committed and responsible individual.  They sometimes point to a strong desire to serve in meaningful ways.

Any chart is a valuable tool to use during the vetting process. It helps the interviewer understand which direction to take with the conversation.  Important points to explore are his beliefs about the world and to understand his highest vision for the country.  How does he resolve differences? Who does he turn to for advice?  Who are his role models?  What is his mission in life?  How will he as President carry out his mission?  How does he relax and take care of himself? How important is education and should it be made affordable?   How ready is Donald Trump to step into the role of President and serve the people of the United States?

Next up, an in depth look at Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.


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Tom Chaplin

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Prosperity and Resonance


mandala-1302804_1920Question: How to incorporate my natural cosmic gifts, and effortless strengths with a deep need for self-empowerment, co-operation in spiritual grown of higher consciousness, freedom from dead, soulless work environments, with financial sustainability and socio-economical modern necessity to earn money (others called it an energy flow)?


Answer:   I always wonder where someone happens to be on their path at the time they seek career advice.  We all fall off the path at times and then scramble to climb back on.  I’m curious how you define a dead, soulless work environment?  Is that where you find yourself now? Naturally that has different meaning for everyone.  For some it’s too much repetition. For other it might be lack of growth opportunities while for others it’s the environment that does not support who the employee is.   

Your question prompted me to take a different direction and look at your transiting planets to see what you’re currently experiencing.  I’m glad I did. Transiting Saturn is making a very significant aspect to Mercury, your ruling planet of the 10th house and career. What that suggests is it’s time to do the work in order to make the necessary professional changes.  Saturn is not a short cut planet either.  It is concerned with improvement and its mission is perfection. When Mercury is under the influence of a Saturn transit, it’s time to get it together. For you, it’s directly related to your career identity and becoming clear on what that is.  If you’re already clear then Saturn is making it hard for you to ignore it and wants you to fully utilize it.  

Mercury is naturally a very curious planet.  Standing in the place of curiosity and allowing yourself to become ultra-curious about what else is possible.  What do you long for? When are you most inspired?  Do your research and conduct informational interviews.  Ask questions! Take the action you think will move you forward.  Perhaps that means taking a class or obtaining another degree. 

Regardless of the steps you take, Saturn wants you to go through the motions and do the work.  Since this aspect will continue into August, you may feel a bit as though Saturn is banging you over the head at times.  If you’re currently in a dead, soulless job as you mentioned in your question, Saturn will amplify that sensation to make it crystal clear that you’ve strayed from your path and it’s time to find your way back.     

Transiting Saturn is likely making it obvious that you’re not mentally stimulated in your line of work.  Since Mercury rules your career, it has an important role.  I see your Mercury in Sagittarius as a restless planet that likes to stay intellectually busy, search for answers, speak the truth, come up with solutions, learn and have a greater purpose as well as a high level understanding of the world.   Mercury needs to be Mercury in your case for you to feel your work is meaningful. 

Moving on, your natal Sun was in Scorpio at the time of your birth.  You also happen to have Scorpio on your Ascendant which makes you a double Scorpio.  Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars was also in Scorpio at your birth. What this means is you probably prefer to approach new opportunities with caution rather than impulsively rush in.   Scorpio is a complex sign and sometimes gets a bad reputation because of its tendency to lash out and sting. However, once the emotional side of Scorpio’s shadow has been tamed, Scorpio can easily lead one towards professions focused on inner transformation and healing.   

Your natal Moon is in Gemini which is a much lighter energy than heavy duty Scorpio.  Plus your Moon is in your 7th house which is an ideal placement if you want to work with clients.   Clients will respond well to you and you’ll want to make sure they are well taken care of.  The Moon represents our need to be safe, comfortable and secure.  Your 7th house Moon indicates a natural comfort level working one on one with people.  Stimulating conversations can also be a lot of fun and enjoyable for you.

Chiron (the wounded healer in mythology) is strong in your chart and aspected in such a way that it suggests you had to work through pain in your life.  It’s a challenger for you and challenges you to move forward on your path.  One characteristic of Chiron is that we actually see our wound through another person much easier than we see it in ourselves.  In other words, we project it out into the world.  Through our natal placement of Chiron, we can show others how to heal. That’s the gift of Chiron.

There are many options, e.g., teaching, coaching, counseling, spirituality, chiropractor, psychic, astrologer, massage, reiki, etc. You could even channel this energy into the arts such as music, painting or photography. When Chiron is strong there’s generally a strong pull towards healing in some shape or form. Healing can show up in most any profession. It’s up to you to tap into its energy.  The executive who empowers, inspires, teaches, cultivates and rewards has a transformative and healing nature. It really boils down to how you approach your job.  It is possible to breathe new life into a job that appears to be hopelessly dead-ended. 

I hope this helps. If you’d like to know more about Saturn, I invite you to listen to the Saturn podcast which is posted on this site.  Good luck with your search. 


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