Pursuing A Creative Career

headquestionQuestion:  I’m considering a career change and would like to know what avenue would be the most fulfilling fit. Possibly something creative, maybe?

Answer: Thanks for writing Brandon.  You are being thoughtful about your transition and hopefully this information will help you as you think about your options!

Creativity is a word that means different things to each of us.  I often like to think of it as generativity in the natal chart – how we bring something forth from nothing, a heartfelt endeavor that is called forth from an idea and/or a feeling.

Looking at your natal chart in light of generativity, you have a gift for bringing together the heart and the mind, the personal and collective.  When you mention doing something creative, I have these questions for you:

  • Has anything kept you from pursuing a creative path for work to this point?
  • In what ways could you use your generosity of spirit to benefit society?
  • How have you brought forth your creativity in your work before?

As far as fulfillment is concerned, here are some of the pieces I see in your chart that would be important when evaluating a role and environment:

  • Plenty of variety, continual learning
  • Room for independence of thought and action
  • Time and space to vision and dream
  • An outlet for compassion and joy to be expressed
  • A way to shake up the status quo
  • A place where you can connect with others to share information

Best to you as you continue on this path of investigation.  If you’re interested in reading more on some key astrological points, consider doing some online research on these points in your chart:

  • Jupiter in Leo in the 11th
  • Moon in Aquarius in the 5th
  • Chiron in Taurus in the 9th

If we can be of any additional help, feel free to reach out to me or Tom!

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Choosing a new direction

Your Question: I have been dealing with and some blocks to financial success in my music career and have been trying to break this pattern of bringing in the amount of money I desire through my passion, as well as overcoming procrastination and fears. I am wondering what is the best way to get my music to my fanbase so that I can become well known on a huge scale. I see this in my chart and in my future.


Hi Dani,

I hear your natal Saturn speaking loud and clear but I’m initially curious about what you’ve been doing to grow your career.   Saturn makes a very nice aspect to your most elevated career indicator which includes Venus, your chart ruler.  Plus you have three 10th house planets with Venus being the most elevated.  That combined with your Leo energy, suggests a very strong desire to be working closely with the public.  Fears and worries arise from Saturn in Scorpio in your money house, which suggest you could put a lot of pressure on your Scorpio Moon in the 2nd house (emotions and financial security), Leo Sun (creative energy) and Leo Mars (fiercely competitive), to perform more and better.  Saturn likes to point out all the areas that aren’t up to snuff which generally leaves us unsatisfied until we’ve perfected and mastered the perceived weaknesses.

How we feel about Saturn calling us out is up to us but if you’re like so many people, you may sabotage your own progress.  If you were my client, I imagine the coaching would lead us to your Saturn to make sure your self-talk, thoughts and emotions are all in alignment with your ambitions.  Money of course is a big part of the overall equation with Saturn in your 2nd house.   You want money and you want to express yourself creatively, but Saturn forces us to look at every little detail and many times the payoff is delayed.  The Leo energy in your chart is very strong and wants to be noticed. It’s the actor that shows talent, charisma, charm and warmth.   

Anyway, 2017 looks like a significant year for you and it could turn out to be a memorable one.  It’s an important year when you want to make sure you think, imagine and dream big.  The potential is to be in the public eye more so than in the past.  When you put your energy out there in 2017, people will respond and you’ll be noticed.  If you’re not doing things in a big way this year or have a plans for growth in place, you may start feeling trapped by your work, so it’s important to keep your attention focused on your important goals so you can move towards them.

This year also looks like it could be a new beginning of sorts professionally.  Have you been working towards transforming your career, starting something different or simply doing things in a brand new way? This looks like the year when the seeds that you planted start to take root.  If you’ve been exploring various options for growing your career, this is probably a good time for you to get serious and nurture what it is you wish to cultivate.  If you’ve been thinking about moving, your chart shows this could be the year, more than likely for professional reasons.

There’s a solar eclipse next August which happens to land directly on your Leo Sun, the performer in your chart.  Solar eclipses tend to super charge the planet they touch.  So for your career in music, this should be a very important time.  Eclipses can indicate confusion but if that’s the case, it’s only because you’re gaining more insight and wisdom around this time and feel overwhelmed by so much new data.  Clarity will follow and the energy you’ve been putting out there can start to manifest in unexpected ways.   

Another thing that can help with 2017 is to restructure, reorganize, get your finances under control and develop or modify your plan for the future.  Typically, this is the year when you feel the need to buckle down and get serious.  Keeping yourself well organized, structured and freeing yourself of any unnecessary clutter helps.  

Thanks very much for your question.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck with your year. 

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Tom Chaplin

Career Coach & Vocational Astrologer

Exploring Fulfilling Careers

openhandQuestion:  I moved from a finance position to an IT making good money, but I’m still not satisfied. I do like money, but not sure what career will give me fulfillment and makes money.

Answer: Hi Dayna,

Thank you very much for your question. I apologize that it has taken so long to post a reply. I’m blaming the holidays followed by Mercury retrograde for the lengthy delay.  Thanks for your patience.
You ask a great question and one that a lot of people bring up. Although a natal chart is a powerful tool we use in coaching to help our clients find answers to questions such as these, the chart does not answer the question for you. For example, someone’s chart may show a strong desire towards communication i.e., writing, publishing, speaking. How you choose to express that drive is up to you. As coaches, our job is to guide you to that place of fulfillment, which can be accelerated by tapping into the natal chart.
Anyway, my initial reaction to your question is to dive into your lack of satisfaction and learn how it shows up for you in your job. I’m also very curious about what pulled you away from finance and led you to IT. Start by making a list of the things you found satisfying in finance and another list for IT. What do they have in common? I also recommend making two more lists that reflect areas of dissatisfaction. Perhaps something obvious such as a strong dislike of working with details will jump off the page.
Your creative imagination, intuition, ability to visualize the big picture are strong so you may have a greater preference for working with people in some capacity instead of facts. Your Libra rising Ascendant with its ruler Venus in the expressive, outgoing sign of Leo, also falling in the house of your career, would support this. Your Pisces Moon may wish to retreat and spend time alone when you spend too much time around negative people or situations. So that’s something to keep an eye on.
The most elevated planet in your natal chart is the Sun in Cancer. Your Sun is 5 degrees from the Midheaven which is a powerful and significant point for your career. This placement suggests a desire to shine professionally and to be a leader in your area of expertise. In fact, leadership could be one of your key words. Your North Node is here as well which emphasizes the importance of your career house. Your Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon make a beautiful trine to each other. The combination of water suggests not only a sensitive nature but a genuine compassion and caring for others. There are certainly ways to incorporate this energy into an IT career, but the nature of your job may need to change.
I want to leave you with one more comment about your chart. The fact that you have the Sun, Venus (your chart ruler), and the North Node in your 10th house of career, it’s an important area of life that must be developed. When this house is emphasized in the chart, many people fall into the trap of choosing a career that they think they ‘should’ be in or find a career that appears to be good for their public image or will make someone proud of them. Fulfillment happens when your career is an expression of your own uniqueness. Most of my clients have success once they stop searching for a career that will make them happy and start looking at all the ways they themselves are unique. Once you’re clear about that, you’re ready to figure out the best path of expression which will lead you to fulfillment.
If you have any follow up questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail.

Best of luck!


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Which way do I go?


I’ve been in the same job for over 10 years. I’m feeling stagnant and stuck, and I don’t know how much room there is for growth and development in my current position. If I were to look for other opportunities to transition to something different, I’m not even sure which would be the most fruitful direction in which to apply my strengths and gifts. The security of my job is very appealing, but I don’t want more of the same in the next 10 years. How can I best fulfill more of my potential?


Hi Tatiana,

Your situation is not at all uncommon in our present workforce.  There are many people who remain in unfulfilling jobs simply because they have found their comfort zones.  Stepping out of the comfort zone can appear so daunting and intimidating that people choose to remain.  Anne Kreamer discusses this in her book, Why Intelligent Leaps and Daring Choices are the Best Career Moves you can Make.  She says that keeping your head down and hoping only to avoid risk is the riskiest strategy of all.

Besides your income, what is preventing you from leaving right now?  Have you grown tired of the company or your daily tasks?  Based on your question, I’m assuming if you had a clear vision and plan for moving forward, you would seriously consider new opportunities.  My request for you is to take an inventory of your current skills, values and daily activities or tasks.  Also look at which of your talents are being utilized or underutilized.  Determine which of the above are most fulfilling and which ones are least.  Highlight the ones you want to do more of and scratch those you want to eliminate.  This may or may not help with your current situation but if you take the time to do a thorough job on this exercise, it will get you focused and clear about what the next step should be.  If you need help, I have a career tune-up guide you can download from my website.

Assuming you have an accurate birth time, you have an important interception in your chart.  An interception simply means that a sign appears in a house but not on a cusp.  When this occurs, the energy is internalized and intensified.  In your chart, Taurus and Scorpio are intercepted in the 10th and 4th houses.  Since your Sun and Mercury are in Taurus, they’re intercepted as well.  This particular axis points to a drive for security which for many people is about money.  Many people with this interception tend to accumulate possessions or stash away lots of money.  Your chart strongly suggests a great potential to do very well with money. However, it’s most important to fully develop your talents and work in an environment that honors your values.  That’s when you can really shine.

Your chart also suggests strong leadership potential as well as success.  If you currently work in a corporate environment, this would mean moving up the ranks to an executive level.  If you’re not already there, take a look at how you can acquire more responsibility while strengthening your leadership skills.  If you’re more drawn to small business, you may want to look at what you can do on your own.  Either way, leadership for you is also about empowering and inspiring others.

I want to leave you with one last thing.  You’re coming up on your Mars return which is a great time to start something fresh. I recommend you using this time to explore how you want to creatively show yourself to the world.  Additionally, transiting PL is transiting your 6th house cusp which suggests it is time to transform the way you work.

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Where to turn?

whereturnQuestion: I’m leaving a job that is no longer fulfilling. It has kept me from spending time with my family without providing appropriate monetary benefits or personal satisfaction. While I can take a little time off for now to reconnect with my family, I will need to find something else eventually. I’m not sure where to turn. I’m not even sure I want to stay in the same field. At this point, I just want to land on my feet, have a normal life, and provide for my family. – Kathy

Answer: Thanks for writing Kathy.  It sounds like your decision to leave is choice for more – more time, more money, more satisfaction.   I’m glad to hear you can take some time off!  It can be hard to identify industries and roles when you are so early in your transition.  As you explore, consider evaluating your opportunities based on what attributes are important – even consider which are deal-breakers.

When weighing your options, consider:

A role where you are:

  • Able to create tangible results
  • Expected to take charge, be a leader
  • Showcasing your resourcefulness
  • Focused on setting and accomplishing goals
  • In service

An organization that:

  • Aligns with your beliefs
  • Rewards your persistence
  • Appreciates your attention to detail
  • Allows for your unconventional and egalitarian approach
  • Provides variety
  • Is stable

As there may be some tension between meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of others, be sure to pause and ask yourself if balance can be achieved in that role or organization.

Useful resources: The Astrology of Success (Taurus midheaven), and Astrology for the Soul (North Node Virgo, 1st House), both by Jan Spiller.

Best to you as you start this new chapter of your work life!


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Which option is the better choice?

questionQuestion:  Am I supposed to be partnering up with other consultants or truly doing my own thing? – Greg

Answer: Hi Greg! After looking at your chart I’m really curious about your current work arrangement and which one of the above options you’re most drawn to.  Your chart absolutely screams ‘do your own thing’ with a focus on the needs of others.  So right off the bat, there’s a bit of a contradiction.  How can you truly do your own thing when your own thing becomes about the other?  First of all you have an Aries stellium in your 6th house that consists of the personal planets Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars.  So a great deal of who you are is aligned with the type of work you do.  With a chart such as yours, you get your energy through your work, so it’s critical that your work is meaningful and rewarding, otherwise risk burnout in a big way.  In this case, meaningful work is closely aligned with being of service.  So the nature of what you do, ultimately needs to be service oriented or somehow improve the lives of others, or make what they do easier.  Also important is the fact that your Sun rules your 10th house of Career suggesting you want your hard work to get attention and be noticed by the public.

Venus rules your Libra Ascendant which suggests a friendly, likeable, diplomatic approach which immediately gives people a sense of comfort and ease in your presence.   Libra loves working with people, righting any wrongs, fixing any problems, etc.  When a client is having a bad day, you have the knack of saying the right thing, taking the right steps to turn the situation around.  You understand people and how to relate to relate to them.

Jupiter the planet of growth is in Capricorn in the 3rd house, ruling the 3rd and 5th.  Capricorn is associated with your career and with Jupiter in this sign, freedom to learn and expand your career becomes a major value of yours.  The 3rd house is connected with communication and the 5th is an indicator of how you want to creatively express yourself.   No matter what you do professionally, it’s important to include an element of writing, teaching, leading, speaking, consulting or publishing.

Your Moon is in Virgo in the 11th house which is yet another indicator that working with people in general is ideal.  Your Virgo Moon is a very responsible, grounding force in your chart.  While all your Aries planets are jumping at the thought of a new adventure, your Moon is more likely to evaluate and analyze the situation and proceed with caution.   This is also a great placement for problem solving and shows you like practical problems with real solutions.  The driving force to take immediate versus the need to carefully analyze what you might be getting yourself into is likely a pattern that has repeated itself.

There’s no doubt you’re a hard, responsible worker who enjoys providing a service that benefits others.  In fact your path suggests a selfless, altruistic type of giving to others.  Partnerships can be fine as long as you’re able to maintain your own sense of independence.   Whichever way you choose to go, keep in mind that it’s important to allow yourself the freedom to take inspired action on behalf of your clients, once your Moon gives her permission of course.  Therefore, should you decide to make a change you need to keep your Moon happy. This can easily be done by creating a well documented, well thought out and researched business plan of what your approach will look like.

Thanks for visiting Your Cosmic Career Coach!


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Career Crossroads

Question: I spent years trying to break into the field of international development, and after several years in this field, I have a hard time staying enthusiastic and hopeful that I am making a significant difference for myself or others in my work.  I find the work interesting sometimes, and I believe it is well suited to many of my skills, but I often feel very drained at the end of the day, and have trouble getting motivated in the morning.  Work is generally not something I want to discuss in my time off, and therefore I feel the passion for it has gone, if it was ever there.  I find reading about psychology and health very interesting but I don’t know if I should try to change careers or just continue to enjoy my interests in my time off and continue with my career?  I have finally had some success in my work and seen myself progress and I am reluctant to leave given the momentum I have gained.  Thank you for your insight!  – Jessica

Hi Jessica –

Many thanks for writing. You have put a lot of effort into your current path and are at a crossroads – push through or start anew? Let’s take a look at what astrology has to say.  🙂

Your chart speaks to a visceral need to be inspired and energized by the way you interact with the world. Astrologically, these feelings are guideposts to whether you are on path or not – so kudos to you for listening to yourself.

For you, restlessness intensifies if you are finding it hard to contribute in a way that is in alignment with your values system centered around fairness and if circumstances restrict your natural tendency to be experimental and autonomous.

In assessing your career direction, ask yourself the questions below. Keep your mind open to a myriad of possibilities – whether that be your current career or something entirely different.

  • What feels fun?
  • Do you have an outlet for being innovative?
  • What kind of environment would support your natural gifts of diplomatic communication?
  • How can you be your own leader?
  • What projects would you like to initiate?

One useful resource: The Astrology of Success by Jan Spiller (Aries midheaven)

Try not to be too judgmental of yourself at this time. You have a lot of love to give the world and you will find the next expression of it, take heart!


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