Planets on the Midheaven Impact Career


Your Question: I want to manifest working for myself, in a non-mainstream field (astrology).

I have questions about how to do this, how to start, am I “qualified” ? I don’t have independent money, and work in a job I hate and feel uncomfortable and resentful having to do.

I am going through my second Saturn return.

My question: How to work with a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on the Midheaven?


Great question that also happens to be a perfect lead-in for our upcoming podcast on outer planet connections to the Midheaven. 

As you pointed out, your chart shows two big planets, Jupiter and Neptune, in your 10th house of career conjunct your Midheaven, the most elevated point in the natal chart.  Any planet that is close to the Midheaven in the natal chart becomes highly significant.  Jupiter’s presence shows the career journey and the need to expand your horizons there.  It’s the search for the truth, to find greater meaning in the world and to form a belief system that resonates with you.   Jupiter’s energy can easily be expressed through travel, teaching, lecturing, learning, exploring or publishing.  It’s the need to keep moving, growing and expanding your world. 

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune suggests the need to expand your boundaries and search for the truth in the unknown universe.  It’s the path of tremendous curiosity and need to find a greater meaning outside the tangible, physical, familiar world.  Learning about the world through your own experiences shows you’ve accumulated wisdom which you can start teaching to the rest of us.

With this nontraditional career path energy in your 10th house of career, you want to find a way to bring your talents associated with Jupiter and Neptune out into the public.  Neptune is intuitive and rules our dreams.  It’s no wonder it gets credited with creating illusions, such as those that are depicted by artists, photographers, spiritual leaders, sales people and politicians.  Negative Neptune is connected to addiction which besides drugs and alcohol, includes television.   Illusions can also confuse, distort and lead us astray.    

Neptune urges us to transcend the physical, let go of the ego and connect with a higher awareness.  An excellent book on Neptune is The Astrological Neptune and The Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene. 

So what does all this have to do with Neptune on the Midheaven?  All this energy needs to somehow be expressed through the career window.  Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches so when you become disillusioned and disappointed (negative Neptune) with your profession, then you experience those emotions big time!  When you tap into Jupiter’s power of optimism and faith, the opposite can come true.

There are those who will resist their Neptune in the 10th because it’s not a traditional energy that works in the western world.  It’s easy to get off your path and follow what many will tell you is a practical career.   Don’t risk it on being an artist when you can have a secure job in a company.  The artist’s voice inside may be calling but no one is listening.  The result of following a traditional career for Neptune is experienced as a sense of invisibility in the workplace, i.e., being overlooked for promotions and not getting the praise or recognition you’re longing for.  The reason is you’re not expressing your true talents so no one sees how much value you can bring.

Okay back to your question, ‘how do I work with this conjunction on my Midheaven’?    First, let me throw a few questions back at you.  What exactly is it that you don’t like about your job?  How long have you been feeling this level of resentment?  Knowing a bit more would help.   There are 3 reasons why most people don’t like their jobs: 1) money 2) skills 3) environment.  When more than 1 of these is not a match, work can be stressful. 

Keep in mind that Neptune’s highest potential is noncompetitive, peaceful, compassionate, altruistic energy that can also leave us feeling anxious, negative and stressed if we’re in a demanding work environment.  It’s the higher octave of Venus, the planet of love.  Allowing that energy to come forth in a traditional work environment is not always easy, but it is possible. 

Quiet the mind.  Neptune is a peaceful, unhurried journey. It’s incredibly important for you to take time to spend time alone and to reflect.  Create a peaceful, quiet, comfortable space.  Meditate, listen to music, dance, spend time near water, paint, take pictures, write, anything that engages the creative mind.  You have a passion for astrology so follow that dream to see where it takes you.  Your Neptune Jupiter conjunction will help you to intuitively connect with clients while teaching, leading and inspiring them to greatness. 

Get curious about the universe and follow your curiosity through writing about it.  Remember that your journey is the search for the truth and anything that helps you develop an understanding of the universe at a higher level of awareness is worthwhile.  Writing about your own natal chart, or others, would be the ideal approach. 

Some questions you might want to ask yourself:

What is my greatest potential?  What is the meaning of my current work?  How has it helped lead me to where I am now?  How can I release the negative energy around my job?  When I look back on this time 10 years from now, what are the obvious changes I can make right now?  What is holding me back from moving forward?  

If you’re being overly negative, I suspect it’s mostly related to your 2nd Saturn return.  Saturn of course can zap your energy and leave you depressed.  The 2nd Saturn return is when the universe sends out a strong reminder that it’s time to get on your path.  It’s easy to go negative at this time if you’ve wondered too far away.  

Saturn is connected to reality and when it hits our charts, we can no longer avoid the fact that we’re not doing what we want.   We have to face reality.  Saturn is now kicking you into gear.   Saturn is retrograde at the moment so it’s a good time to reassess where you’re headed and what changes you want to make, whether internal or external or both.  Great time to reflect and plan the work that you want to do.  Once Saturn goes direct and moves closer to Capricorn, I imagine you’ll notice a shift where you can start implementing some changes.   

A really good book that I recommend reading is Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams.  Also be sure to tune in to our upcoming podcast, When Outer Planets Aspect the Midheaven. 

I hope this answers your question.  Good luck!

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