Pursuing A Creative Career

headquestionQuestion:  I’m considering a career change and would like to know what avenue would be the most fulfilling fit. Possibly something creative, maybe?

Answer: Thanks for writing Brandon.  You are being thoughtful about your transition and hopefully this information will help you as you think about your options!

Creativity is a word that means different things to each of us.  I often like to think of it as generativity in the natal chart – how we bring something forth from nothing, a heartfelt endeavor that is called forth from an idea and/or a feeling.

Looking at your natal chart in light of generativity, you have a gift for bringing together the heart and the mind, the personal and collective.  When you mention doing something creative, I have these questions for you:

  • Has anything kept you from pursuing a creative path for work to this point?
  • In what ways could you use your generosity of spirit to benefit society?
  • How have you brought forth your creativity in your work before?

As far as fulfillment is concerned, here are some of the pieces I see in your chart that would be important when evaluating a role and environment:

  • Plenty of variety, continual learning
  • Room for independence of thought and action
  • Time and space to vision and dream
  • An outlet for compassion and joy to be expressed
  • A way to shake up the status quo
  • A place where you can connect with others to share information

Best to you as you continue on this path of investigation.  If you’re interested in reading more on some key astrological points, consider doing some online research on these points in your chart:

  • Jupiter in Leo in the 11th
  • Moon in Aquarius in the 5th
  • Chiron in Taurus in the 9th

If we can be of any additional help, feel free to reach out to me or Tom!

Want more insight? Read more about your cosmic career coach and reading options:
Aubrie De Clerck





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