Time for Change


Question: Am I going to get work in California and a work visa?  I want to relocate there from my country. 

Hi Sophie,

Your chart shows that you have a powerful will and a focused, determination and desire to carve out your own unique niche and take necessary steps, make changes, do whatever it takes to ‘make it happen’.  It also shows that you take a very serious approach to your career that includes a strong commitment and drive to success.  I don’t believe you are someone who let’s things stand in her way. 

Interestingly enough, you’ve entered an important period of growth that shows potentially sweeping changes, most notably in the area of your career.  This will continue for a number of years. With so much activity, it’s best to expect the unexpected and allow life to unfold.  Your life is transforming in a significant way.  You will likely look back on this period and be amazed over all the events that occurred as well as all the new people who entered your life.

The theme for this year has been to ‘do it my way’.  This is the beginning of a new cycle so I would imagine that this year has opened up many new doors and possibilities for you.  This period can manifest in a couple of ways.  Most people tend to experience a powerful inner desire to move on to something new. It sounds as though this may describe your situation.

However, impatience and frustration over things not moving quickly enough can take precedence. Your chart suggests a good possibility of delays and even blocks that slow things down.  This is temporary and should pass by very soon.  The important thing is to not give up, which I don’t believe is in your nature. 

I realize you’re wondering if you’re on the right track and if things are going to work out.  The full Moon that occurs on November 14th is going to bring you some news.  This should be an important time when things start to move forward.  It’s important to remain optimistic, listen to your intuition which is strong and be very careful not to neglect your current responsibilities.  This is the time to finish up tasks, clear the clutter, take care of any obligations in order to lighten your load.  Once you’ve freed yourself from your current responsibilities, the benefits of this transit can be experienced. But remaining optimistic, keeping your sights set on your end goals and taking the action necessary should move you forward towards what you want.  

I also relocated your chart to Los Angeles to see how the energy of that location looks for you.  It appears that you can more easily express your creativity in LA.  For some reason, Munich feels like a location where it’s more difficult to be yourself. It’s as though the environment doesn’t support the outward expression of your personality in a comfortable manner.  But LA does! LA seems to be a place where you can open up and feel more like you.  Your LA chart is a good chart for working with the public or connecting with the public in such a way that they respond well to you. 

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Tom Chaplin

Career Coach & Vocational Astrologer

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