Prosperity and Resonance


mandala-1302804_1920Question: How to incorporate my natural cosmic gifts, and effortless strengths with a deep need for self-empowerment, co-operation in spiritual grown of higher consciousness, freedom from dead, soulless work environments, with financial sustainability and socio-economical modern necessity to earn money (others called it an energy flow)?


Answer:   I always wonder where someone happens to be on their path at the time they seek career advice.  We all fall off the path at times and then scramble to climb back on.  I’m curious how you define a dead, soulless work environment?  Is that where you find yourself now? Naturally that has different meaning for everyone.  For some it’s too much repetition. For other it might be lack of growth opportunities while for others it’s the environment that does not support who the employee is.   

Your question prompted me to take a different direction and look at your transiting planets to see what you’re currently experiencing.  I’m glad I did. Transiting Saturn is making a very significant aspect to Mercury, your ruling planet of the 10th house and career. What that suggests is it’s time to do the work in order to make the necessary professional changes.  Saturn is not a short cut planet either.  It is concerned with improvement and its mission is perfection. When Mercury is under the influence of a Saturn transit, it’s time to get it together. For you, it’s directly related to your career identity and becoming clear on what that is.  If you’re already clear then Saturn is making it hard for you to ignore it and wants you to fully utilize it.  

Mercury is naturally a very curious planet.  Standing in the place of curiosity and allowing yourself to become ultra-curious about what else is possible.  What do you long for? When are you most inspired?  Do your research and conduct informational interviews.  Ask questions! Take the action you think will move you forward.  Perhaps that means taking a class or obtaining another degree. 

Regardless of the steps you take, Saturn wants you to go through the motions and do the work.  Since this aspect will continue into August, you may feel a bit as though Saturn is banging you over the head at times.  If you’re currently in a dead, soulless job as you mentioned in your question, Saturn will amplify that sensation to make it crystal clear that you’ve strayed from your path and it’s time to find your way back.     

Transiting Saturn is likely making it obvious that you’re not mentally stimulated in your line of work.  Since Mercury rules your career, it has an important role.  I see your Mercury in Sagittarius as a restless planet that likes to stay intellectually busy, search for answers, speak the truth, come up with solutions, learn and have a greater purpose as well as a high level understanding of the world.   Mercury needs to be Mercury in your case for you to feel your work is meaningful. 

Moving on, your natal Sun was in Scorpio at the time of your birth.  You also happen to have Scorpio on your Ascendant which makes you a double Scorpio.  Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars was also in Scorpio at your birth. What this means is you probably prefer to approach new opportunities with caution rather than impulsively rush in.   Scorpio is a complex sign and sometimes gets a bad reputation because of its tendency to lash out and sting. However, once the emotional side of Scorpio’s shadow has been tamed, Scorpio can easily lead one towards professions focused on inner transformation and healing.   

Your natal Moon is in Gemini which is a much lighter energy than heavy duty Scorpio.  Plus your Moon is in your 7th house which is an ideal placement if you want to work with clients.   Clients will respond well to you and you’ll want to make sure they are well taken care of.  The Moon represents our need to be safe, comfortable and secure.  Your 7th house Moon indicates a natural comfort level working one on one with people.  Stimulating conversations can also be a lot of fun and enjoyable for you.

Chiron (the wounded healer in mythology) is strong in your chart and aspected in such a way that it suggests you had to work through pain in your life.  It’s a challenger for you and challenges you to move forward on your path.  One characteristic of Chiron is that we actually see our wound through another person much easier than we see it in ourselves.  In other words, we project it out into the world.  Through our natal placement of Chiron, we can show others how to heal. That’s the gift of Chiron.

There are many options, e.g., teaching, coaching, counseling, spirituality, chiropractor, psychic, astrologer, massage, reiki, etc. You could even channel this energy into the arts such as music, painting or photography. When Chiron is strong there’s generally a strong pull towards healing in some shape or form. Healing can show up in most any profession. It’s up to you to tap into its energy.  The executive who empowers, inspires, teaches, cultivates and rewards has a transformative and healing nature. It really boils down to how you approach your job.  It is possible to breathe new life into a job that appears to be hopelessly dead-ended. 

I hope this helps. If you’d like to know more about Saturn, I invite you to listen to the Saturn podcast which is posted on this site.  Good luck with your search. 


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