Saturn and Your Career: An Introduction


Saturn is a major player in astrology and reveals an important story about professional world, fears and need fofile000187857127r success. I want to shed some light on its role in preparation for upcoming podcasts that explore Saturn and the career.

When looking at career in the natal chart, an in depth exploration of Saturn includes its astrological sign, house position and contacts to other planets, all based on your moment of birth. This assessment is a necessary step when working with career issues.  There are other important factors to consider as well which we’ll be covered in future podcasts.

It’s important to mention that Saturn is frequently highlighted and very active during times of career and job transitions, especially difficult ones.   It’s well known amongst astrologers that Saturn is frequently the culprit that drives people to seek out coaching, astrology or other support services such as therapy.  When under the influence of Saturn, it’s common for a client to say they feel stuck and unable to make positive changes.  Anger, depression or general frustration is frequently what finally lifts them out of their chair in order to seek outside help.  This is all very typical of Saturn’s presence.

Many astrologers refer to Saturn as the great teacher which seems appropriate given the fact that we learn so much when encountering challenges from Saturn. Unfortunately many of Saturn’s lessons are very difficult and feel impossible. It’s much like enrolling in an advanced college or graduate level course where you’re swept far out of your comfort zone and have to face the reality that you could fail. However, the pressure to succeed far outweighs the alternative.

Challenging lessons force us to search for new inner dimensions and strength and leave us feeling challenged like never before.  The pressure to succeed or rather to not fail may be incredibly intense as we come face to face with questions about our qualifications, self-worth, attitudes on success and failure and the ability to rise to the occasion.

In the office environment, this can range from a crisis such as termination or resignation to a driving need to succeed and prove yourself at all costs.  The ideal outcome of either scenario is inner growth, maturity and a greater appreciation and responsibility for one’s life.  So congratulations! You have successfully mastered one of Saturn’s very important life lessons.

In upcoming podcasts, we’ll dig deeper into Saturn’s role in the career. We’ll also take an in depth look at Saturn’s 29 year journey through the astrological chart and how it corresponds to your career journey.

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