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openhandQuestion:  I moved from a finance position to an IT making good money, but I’m still not satisfied. I do like money, but not sure what career will give me fulfillment and makes money.

Answer: Hi Dayna,

Thank you very much for your question. I apologize that it has taken so long to post a reply. I’m blaming the holidays followed by Mercury retrograde for the lengthy delay.  Thanks for your patience.
You ask a great question and one that a lot of people bring up. Although a natal chart is a powerful tool we use in coaching to help our clients find answers to questions such as these, the chart does not answer the question for you. For example, someone’s chart may show a strong desire towards communication i.e., writing, publishing, speaking. How you choose to express that drive is up to you. As coaches, our job is to guide you to that place of fulfillment, which can be accelerated by tapping into the natal chart.
Anyway, my initial reaction to your question is to dive into your lack of satisfaction and learn how it shows up for you in your job. I’m also very curious about what pulled you away from finance and led you to IT. Start by making a list of the things you found satisfying in finance and another list for IT. What do they have in common? I also recommend making two more lists that reflect areas of dissatisfaction. Perhaps something obvious such as a strong dislike of working with details will jump off the page.
Your creative imagination, intuition, ability to visualize the big picture are strong so you may have a greater preference for working with people in some capacity instead of facts. Your Libra rising Ascendant with its ruler Venus in the expressive, outgoing sign of Leo, also falling in the house of your career, would support this. Your Pisces Moon may wish to retreat and spend time alone when you spend too much time around negative people or situations. So that’s something to keep an eye on.
The most elevated planet in your natal chart is the Sun in Cancer. Your Sun is 5 degrees from the Midheaven which is a powerful and significant point for your career. This placement suggests a desire to shine professionally and to be a leader in your area of expertise. In fact, leadership could be one of your key words. Your North Node is here as well which emphasizes the importance of your career house. Your Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon make a beautiful trine to each other. The combination of water suggests not only a sensitive nature but a genuine compassion and caring for others. There are certainly ways to incorporate this energy into an IT career, but the nature of your job may need to change.
I want to leave you with one more comment about your chart. The fact that you have the Sun, Venus (your chart ruler), and the North Node in your 10th house of career, it’s an important area of life that must be developed. When this house is emphasized in the chart, many people fall into the trap of choosing a career that they think they ‘should’ be in or find a career that appears to be good for their public image or will make someone proud of them. Fulfillment happens when your career is an expression of your own uniqueness. Most of my clients have success once they stop searching for a career that will make them happy and start looking at all the ways they themselves are unique. Once you’re clear about that, you’re ready to figure out the best path of expression which will lead you to fulfillment.
If you have any follow up questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail.

Best of luck!


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