Career Crossroads

Question: I spent years trying to break into the field of international development, and after several years in this field, I have a hard time staying enthusiastic and hopeful that I am making a significant difference for myself or others in my work.  I find the work interesting sometimes, and I believe it is well suited to many of my skills, but I often feel very drained at the end of the day, and have trouble getting motivated in the morning.  Work is generally not something I want to discuss in my time off, and therefore I feel the passion for it has gone, if it was ever there.  I find reading about psychology and health very interesting but I don’t know if I should try to change careers or just continue to enjoy my interests in my time off and continue with my career?  I have finally had some success in my work and seen myself progress and I am reluctant to leave given the momentum I have gained.  Thank you for your insight!  – Jessica

Hi Jessica –

Many thanks for writing. You have put a lot of effort into your current path and are at a crossroads – push through or start anew? Let’s take a look at what astrology has to say.  🙂

Your chart speaks to a visceral need to be inspired and energized by the way you interact with the world. Astrologically, these feelings are guideposts to whether you are on path or not – so kudos to you for listening to yourself.

For you, restlessness intensifies if you are finding it hard to contribute in a way that is in alignment with your values system centered around fairness and if circumstances restrict your natural tendency to be experimental and autonomous.

In assessing your career direction, ask yourself the questions below. Keep your mind open to a myriad of possibilities – whether that be your current career or something entirely different.

  • What feels fun?
  • Do you have an outlet for being innovative?
  • What kind of environment would support your natural gifts of diplomatic communication?
  • How can you be your own leader?
  • What projects would you like to initiate?

One useful resource: The Astrology of Success by Jan Spiller (Aries midheaven)

Try not to be too judgmental of yourself at this time. You have a lot of love to give the world and you will find the next expression of it, take heart!


aubrie1Want more insight? Read more about your cosmic career coach and reading options:
Aubrie De Clerck

One thought on “Career Crossroads

  1. Hi Aubrie!

    Thank you so much for this insight. I have really taken some time to think about this and what it means for me, and will keep these ideas with me as I move through my life.

    I did not realize how right you were about wanting to be autonomous and innovative until you mentioned it, but now I can see it in many of the projects I undertake. I tend to drift toward leadership positions naturally, but I actually prefer working on my own as I find the leading quite draining. I like the idea of being “my own leader.”

    I certainly need to be inspired and energized by the world and I think that is something that has been lacking for me lately which I need to incorporate into my life more. Thank you for bringing up these points!

    I will continue to explore my current career path for now, in a more autonomous, innovative way. However, I feel more confident about exploring other paths in the future, which feels exciting to me too. Thanks so much for bringing these aspects of my self to light.



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